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1126 Truth to Podcaster (2019-04-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Okay, we’re gonna start deliverin’ dog turds to his house!” (0:43:45)
0:00:34JCD turning 67 on April 5; ACC discovers emoji for falsetto “♬ that’s true!
0:04:12Media obsessing over “sources” claiming Bill Barr is suppressing a bombshell; Jake Tapper: “we didn’t say that there was conspiracy, we said that Mueller was investigating conspiracy”
0:05:51House Oversight Committee “strike the last word” time extension tactic; Jim Jordan bent out of shape over last-minute testimony from security clearance “whistleblower” Tricia Newbold, Jackie Speier: those who do not qualify for security clearance “shouldn’t be working in the White House or anywhere else”
0:11:23Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes off-script with “what is next, putting nuclear codes in Instagram DMs?”, ACC: “she’s a sound bite missile”, Elijah Cummings thanks her for her “eloquence”, “this is ridiculous!” iso, nonsensical “without proper channels” ad-lib; Instagram IKEA assembly video “that’s just wrong!”; hysterical Jamie Raskin: “this woman is an American hero!”, elitist “they’ve elected us a king!” (BCotD)
0:27:50SIGAR Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko chuckles with Rep. Thomas Massie over $9bn in completely ineffective opium eradication efforts, 2017 crop reduction “has nothing to with our programs, it’s because of drought” (CotD); JCD: media preoccupied with whistleblower “dwarf”
0:36:42ACC recommends The Dirt Mötley Crüe film; ACC’s disappearing mailbox key saga
0:51:15Comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy running for president in Ukraine; Tracy Morgan mocks Jussie Smollett: “all I gotta do is not fake a hate crime”; $1 fine for punching a white nationalist
0:59:58Producer Segment
1:18:48CDC pushing multiple doses of newly off-patent MMR vaccine; The Brady Bunch “got the measles and died!”, “if you have to get sick, sure can’t beat the measles!”
1:26:59Global warming in Canada happening twice as fast as in the US; New York Times video of abused nine-year-old Zayne Cowie reading his book Goodbye, Earth! (BCotD); BP natural gas “smart partner to renewable energy” ad; trailer for HBO Chernobyl miniseries
1:40:53George Clooney boycotting hotels owned by the Sultan of Brunei over homosexuality capital punishment law, “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” joint venture between Brunei and China
1:47:20Joe Biden non-apology video explaining why he’s such a creep; Lucy Flores describes receiving “Uncle Joe” experience to NPR: “sure!”, ass-covering “Vice President Biden and I were never alone together”, admonition for “all men, and people who are in positions of power”, JCD: “truth to podcasters”; Dick Morris on National Popular Vote interstate compact’s “end-run around the Electoral College”; idiot Al Sharpton introduces “Andrew Lang”
2:03:01Donation Segment: Ben Shapiro’s $25,500 for a 60-second ad
2:18:04Airport delays due to a “technical glitch” with Microsoft Silverlight
2:19:30Amanda Sloat to CFR panel on Brexit “indicative votes” in UK Parliament, largest number of votes for second referendum; Democracy Now on May’s additional extension request
2:24:43Producer notes on Lyft’s pay cuts for drivers in San Francisco, JCD: “scam alert!”
2:25:49Chicago elects black lesbian mayor, JCD Newsletter photo mea culpa, Lightfoot vs Preckwinkle
2:31:31Clip Blitz: Algerian President resigns; 680 dead of ebola in DRC; Juan Guaidó stripped of immunity; border crisis threatens avocados; Trump lies “my father is German, was German”
2:36:32The Cure’s Robert Smith to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame interviewer: “by the sounds of it, no”
2:38:32Christiane Amanpour asks James Comey about suppressing “lock her up” language