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1125 Elusive Logic (2019-03-31)

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0:00:00ACC: “Mueller Mueller Mueller Mueller Muellerrr!” (0:06:40)
0:00:34ACC addressing “the crackle issue” with ASIO & WASAPI drivers; “that’s true!” medley
0:06:14Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow on Friday’s London pro-Brexit rally: “I have never seen so many white people in one place”; UKIP’s Gerard Batten: political class has no desire to follow through: “they’ve done everything they possible can to delay it, impede it, in the hope of eventually overturning it”, flawed divorce analogy, recipe for reclaiming sovereignty; Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s “sovereign nations” wishful thinking, South Carolina’s desire for a monarchy, ACC: “Lindsey Graham could’ve been Queen!”; John Bolton pushing trade deals
0:18:48Compilation of idiot John Brennan being completely wrong about Trump “treason”; Trump excoriates “little pencil-neck Adam Schiff” in Grand Rapids Michigan; House Intelligence Committee Republicans call for Schiff’s resignation; Schiff’s “you might think it’s okay” response
0:26:17David Cay Johnston and Glenn Greenwald spar on Democracy Now: “the whole thing was a scam and a fraud from the beginning”, Maddow & MSNBC “the Judy Millers of this story”, Johnston busted by Amy Goodman for “Russian agent” claim, Greenwald points out US-Russia tensions; Jeanine Pirro attacks “these arrogant, lying, condescending, leaking haters”
0:40:05JCD: “logic is elusive”, Saturday Night Live Mueller Report propaganda with line-flubbing Robert De Niro: “we cannot prove a criminal connection”; fake journalist Natasha Bertrand to NPR On the Media on Mueller Report settling the matter: “no, no, absolutely not!”, caller “John” cites Operation Mockingbird and is immediately shut down; CBSN on wrangling over access to unredacted Mueller Report; JCD’s LibJoes all-in on Trump Rotation “rapist”
0:57:58Joe Biden accused of unwanted kissing by former Nevada assemblywoman Lucy Flores, Democracy Now needling with recent non-apology to Anita Hill, ACC: “this smells of Hillary”; One America News peddles Brennan-Biden conspiracy theory; Eric Holder: Electoral College “a defect in our democracy”; Brad Parscale on getting phone numbers from Trump rally attendees
1:16:41Producer Segment
1:34:00Major General Jonathan Shaw cut off by Sky News after questioning Syrian chemical attack
1:37:01Jussie Smollett lawyer Tina Glandian lies to The Today Show about attackers in whiteface; Chris Rock mocks Smollett at NAACP Awards: “you Jessie from now on!”; Rahm Emanuel blames Trump’s “toxic environment” and lies about Charlottesville “fine people” quote
1:45:17Earth Hour blackout ignored by most media outlets; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez town hall, parallel between 9/11 and Puerto Rico; ACC on “state of data compression” with jump cuts, jogging by Mona Lisa analogy; AOC “frog in the pot of boiling water”
1:57:03Idiotically laughing Nancy Pelosi channeling Jeb Bush: “that’s line for applause”
1:58:09Lyft pay cuts and IPO, defunct PointCast bringing networks to a “screeching halt”
2:02:37Experian Boost “we can get better credit cards” behavioral manipulation ad
2:06:36Donation Segment: JCD’s collectible squeaky fiberglass chair
2:15:28CNN on Southern Poverty Law Center’s “systemic culture of racism and sexism”, JCD theory: employees wanting a piece of $400M war chest; Mark Zuckerberg calling for internet regulation, “lost cause” NPR conflates white supremacy and white nationalism in Instagram
2:29:55Cholera in Mozambique; WaPo mocks Trump Executive Order to prepare for EMP; New York Post: conspiracy theorists are criminals; Elliott Abrams explains his douchebaggery to BBC
2:35:57Trump suspends aid in Central America; Abrams draws parallel between Maduro and Noriega
2:39:33Alex Jones refuses to concede that his position has caused pain to Sandy Hook families