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1124 Work to Rules (2019-03-29)

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0:00:00ACC: “Someone has to pay!” (1:35:29)
0:00:30Rules for sharing Google Drive files with ACC
0:02:31Media backpedaling furiously after Mueller Report; Fox Business on Michael Avenatti’s extortion charges: The Godfather parallel, “Mr. President, warm up the Twitter finger”
0:10:56Rachel Maddow single-show “Russia Russia Russia” compilation; liberal media Watergate & 9/11 and “working for the Russians” compilation; furious Glenn Greenwald blasts MSNBC to Tucker Carlson for “lying to people for three straight years, exploiting their fears to great profit”, CNN & MSNBC “CIA TV”, Matt Taibbi article drawing parallel with weapons of mass destruction; Trump campaign’s “Credibility of Certain Guests” blacklist for TV producers
0:25:48Trump barks “Russia has to get out!” in press conference with Juan Guaidó’s wife, Venezuela was “one of the richest companies” because of its oil; ACC’s theory that Comey preceded Mueller as mop-up man; “that’s true” catching on as a meme
0:38:05Democracy Now on protests over European Parliament’s passage of Articles 11 and 13; German CDU party proposes radio station style blanket licenses with percentage of revenue, Amy Goodman’s idiotic characterization of Google and Facebook as “open internet”; Roger McGuinn’s mysterious monthly check, Sirius XM’s additional charge for pre-1974 copyright
0:53:07Rumors of SquirrelMail’s demise have been greatly exaggerated
0:57:39Producer Segment
1:14:14Brian Stelter’s “get back to work” meme on dropped charges against Jussie Smollett, “people don’t know what to believe”; Smollett lies “I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I’ve been accused of”; angry Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: “I would want my day in court”, Rahm Emanuel on “ethical cost” to hate crime victims, “this is a whitewash of justice”; text messages between Obama insider Tina Tchen and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx; apologetic-looking Foxx on “pretrial diversion process”, ACC: “it involved a hate crime!”, paltry $10k forfeiture and community service with Jesse Jackson outfit; Kamala Harris lies “I’m completely confused”, and propagates hate crime talking points; Tina Tchen hired to do Southern Policy Law Center workplace culture review
1:37:41US Customs & Border Patrol reeling under influx of migrants on Mexican border
1:40:00Eight Brexit proposals rejected in a single day by British Parliament; Donald Tusk sides with signers of phony online petition and marchers in phony protest: “they must feel that they are represented by you in this chamber, because they are Europeans”; angry Guy Verhofstadt: “we all know that the only way out of this crisis is a new transfer of powers to the European Union and toe the European institutions!” (CotD); Uri Geller all-in on second referendum because the stupid British “didn’t fully understand what Brexit actually meant”
1:52:49“Work to rules” strike by French customs officers causing six-hour Eurostar queues; JCD story: bringing Trailmobile assembly line to a halt; Spotify to acquire Parcast network
1:58:41Donation Segment: Spuzzum comedy; goat quiz
2:17:09Climategate: Democrats irked by Senate mockery of Green New Deal: “cartoon version of the Green New Deal that was cooked up by the Koch Brothers”; producer note on “present” vote; ACC theory: big oil backing Ocasio-Cortez; NewsHour on “taboo” solar geoengineering, “if we know we can do it, will we use it as an excuse not to reduce our fossil fuel emissions?”
2:36:10Temple University “mass vaccination clinics” to battle mumps outbreak; Rockland County New York bans unvaccinated minors from public places