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1123 Cancel Culture (2019-03-24)

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0:00:00JCD: (laughing) “That’s a classic!”
0:00:33London “People’s march” protesting Brexit, Theresa May’s de facto deputy David Lidington not keen to take her place, Open Britain’s suspect turnout numbers and professional signs, “decide on our future together” meme, Chancellor of the Exchequer: do-over vote “coherent proposition”, “spoon bender” Uri Geller sending mystic energy to May at 11:11
0:07:26Million-person march in London, new “dial back globalization” narrative; toilet paper for the Queen; Donald Tusk’s “special place in Hell” for Brexiters; ACC infected with Ronald McDonald House plague; ACC’s experiences with the decline of British culture ten years ago
0:20:08Cambridge University withdraws Jordan Peterson fellowship, innocuous book 12 Rules for Life pulled from shelves in New Zealand; Prof. John Powell: “I think the defining issue in the country is the question of white supremacy”; millennial “cancel culture” deplatforming; Seattle district attorney’s campaign supported by Powell; “Seattle is Dying” documentary and Dutch methadone “ice cream trucks” in the 1970s; city governments vs homelessness
0:39:10French yellow vests at week 19 with “lower turnout”, military anti-terrorism units deployed
0:40:44Resignations and firings at predominately white Southern Poverty Law Center; JMD’s slick marketing letter from Morris Dees and Toni Morrison for SPLC Wall of Tolerance
0:48:14JCD’s edited clip of Mark Shields stammering incoherently about Mueller report; media “beginning of the end” meme replaced by “the end of the beginning”, foreign media ignoring the fact that there will be no further indictments; New York Times opinion piece by “protect Mueller” American Constitution Society’s Caroline Fredrickson “We Don’t Need to Read the Mueller Report”; Chris Matthews outraged that no more indictments are forthcoming
1:00:05Mueller’s post-9/11 term extension revisited, ACC “mop-up man” theory, JCD predicts redactions and omissions; Democrat candidates clamoring for report; Eric Swalwell to Bill Maher on plan to subpoena Mueller; John Brennan caught flat-footed by Lawrence O’Donnell; JCD on Attorney General not answering to Congress
1:17:48Producer Segment: ACC recommends 7290 MHz
1:37:25Engineer producer explores the mathematics of global warming as nuclear bombs and sides with Madam Secretary’s “20,000 Hiroshimas”; Goodness Gracious, Al Gore’s a Liar song
1:42:14Nancy Pelosi’s new term “newcomers” for the illegal aliens whose votes she desires; JCD’s 2005 essay “Why the Electoral College Will Be Banished”
1:50:52Obama’s secretive golf trip to New Zealand sponsored by Mastercard
1:52:51Angelic Initiative YouTube channel by former CPA mother Lynn McGonagill and vacuum-headed horse faith healer daughter Jamie only allowed to say “that’s true”, “it is not okay for women to have babies and stop contributing to the process … cut off the baby factories”, “probably it’s half a billion”, ACC: “this is some next-level Illuminati shit you’re bringing to the table, John!”, JCD: “this is a modern Democrat”, “we said yes, yes, yes!” iso
2:05:44New Age YouTubers channeling Mary Magdalene and Isis
2:12:01Donation Segment: Hog Story podcast with Carolyn Blaney and John Fletcher
2:26:31Trump’s ill-advised bashing of John McCain, irked at not being thanked for “the kind of funeral he wanted”, Meghan McCain “my father” compilation; Steve Pieczenik’s takedown of “spoiled, entitled brat” McCain and David Petraeus from Show 1063 revisited
2:38:48Producer note on Boeing 737 MAX MCAS Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System
2:42:29Lithuanian man pleads guilty to scamming Facebook and Google with $122M in phony invoices