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1122 Cyclogenesis (2019-03-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Eek!” (1:14:27)
0:00:35Shooting in Utrecht, victory for VVD Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie party
0:05:45Donald Tusk allows for “short extension” and Brexit in June; Speaker John Bercow requires new proposal to be substantially different from the preceding: “ordah!”; JCD predicts “safety vote”; Roger Daltrey: “oh dear, as if we didn’t tour in Europe before the fucking EU!”
0:14:10FBI now involved in Boeing 737 MAX criminal investigation, CBS beginning to blame pilots
0:22:29One America News on Al-Noor mosque’s radicalization of Daryl Jones “Muslim bin John” killed by drone; Brenton Tarrant charged with murdering one person who is still alive, Police Minister Stuart Nash’s repeated “terrorist” meme; “coincidental” police training exercise
0:35:23John Podesta warning New Zealand about Russian election interference; 4chan wrangling over manifesto’s lack of Jew hate; Trevor Noah makes global warming parallel in blaming Trump as white supremacy figurehead; “lone shoe” prop in propaganda photos of traumatic events
0:51:48Tayla Harris: “I’m uncomfortable in my work space” after vulgar crotch photo comments
0:53:34Madam Secretary “20,000 Hiroshimas” propaganda from Al Gore, “tropical cyclogenesis is gonna get more frequent”, “Nauru wouldn’t be in this mess if not for the US spewing massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!” (CotD); Army Corps of Engineers lies about Hamburg Iowa flooding caused by their requirement that levee be lowered (CotD)
1:05:40Producer Segment
1:20:31NPR Marketplace millennial defines “femtech” with “sure!”
1:22:32Idiot student from Global warming truancy operation Extinction Rebellion: “there’s a small group of people with a large amount of money that are being poops”; Prager University compilation of UCLA retards: “our politicians, like, they’re not doing enough to, like, actually, like, put, like, like, not, like, stop it, but just, like, keep it, like, prevent it from happening, y’know, they’re just, like…”; Chuck Todd receives Walter Cronkite award from Norman Lear Center for hour-long Meet the Press, “we’re not going to give time to climate deniers”
1:37:18Ian Plimer on origin of “97% of scientists” meme; Harvard study all-in on solar geoengineering; Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute busted for retroactively lowering temperature data
1:47:18Study finds drinking 140° tea leads to cancer; poisoned grapes in the 1980s
1:51:06ACC OTG: unholy alliance between Credit Karma and Google; Trump’s Ross Perot-style Syria map; ACC’s EDS presentation story; Volvo’s new driver-monitoring camera system
2:04:48Jeff Bezos dick pics sold by his girlfriend’s brother
2:05:16Jair Bolsonaro and Trump cozying up; Eliott Abrams grilled by Matt Lee over reset of Juan Guaidó’s 30-day interim presidency; note from Economic Hit Man on US regime change in Granada, military critical for keeping Maduro in power; Chinese OBOR for Italy
2:12:20Donation Segment
2:18:49JMD’s cashless restaurant logic: screw the homeless; KOMO documentary “Seattle is Dying”
2:21:26FCC auctioning 95 GHz to 3 THz; childhood cancer from WiMAX tower in Ripon California
2:25:49Democracy Now outraged at Trump’s Obama-style droning of Somali civilians
2:27:10Second Half of Show: Buzz Aldrin “admits” to eight-year-old “we didn’t go there”
2:29:34New EPA head Andrew Wheeler prioritizing drinking water; violent protests in Wag the Dog epicenter Albania; Jeffrey Epstein trial documents potentially implicating Robert Mueller’s FBI; Paul Ryan joins Fox board; Jeanine Pirro suspended for griping “Omar wears a heee-jab!”
2:37:31Kentucky student suspended for refusing chicken pox vaccine based on aborted fetal cells