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1121 Accelerationism (2019-03-17)

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0:00:00ACC: “We work hard to create some of the best audio in the world!” (2:14:29)
0:00:35ACC rear-ended by millennial glued to Google Maps app on mobile device
0:08:24NPR It’s Been a Minute “like” millennials blather about Facebook outage (BCotD)
0:15:12Peculiar absence of middle name and “don’t read the manifesto” memes in reporting of New Zealand mosque massacre; near-unintelligible man on the street interview; Dr. Paul Buchanan: terrorist act “confrontational to the point of homicidal”, in contrast with manifesto Q&A section, 9/11 parallel; US legal definition “subnational groups or clandestine agents”
0:33:29ACC compares Brenton Tarrant’s The Great Replacement manifesto to Anders Breivik compendium with reference to Ottoman Empire and “invaders”, declining European birth rates, “I had little interest in education during my schooling” red flag, influence from 2017 Stockholm terror attacks, goal of intimidating would-be “invaders”, “dear God no” to supporting Trump vs compilation of M5M “specifically invoked our President as an inspiration” lies, goal of US civil war over Second Amendment, Reborn Knights Templar; producer note on Christchurch as white supremacy “hotbed”; “eco-fascist by nature” looking to People’s Republic of China
0:55:02NPR “cybersecurity expert” all-in on restricting ability to livestream in light of Tarrant’s first-person shooter video; 4chan/8chan sarcasm in manifesto including Candace Owens joke, deletion of “much larger work” manifesto prototype, “the Hagia Sophia will be free of minarets”, “quixotic foolishness of the diverse but equal society”, ACC: “this document is not this guy!”; NPR on “subscribe to PewDiePie” code in streaming video, “sure!” terrorism expert on the existential threat of “extremist message boards” like 8chan
1:17:17Producer Segment: note on nihilistic Zoomer “accelerationism”
1:45:06Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announces bid for GOP nomination, Trump’s nationalism and Nazi “nationalist workers’ party”, all-in on Paris Accords, JCD: “this guy is a dick!”, focus on Trump’s “comportment”, “blunder” of not agreeing to secret TPP
1:51:39Scott Adams pointing out media taking out of context Trump’s “fine people on both sides” and omitting neo-Nazis “should be condemned totally”; Breitbart story about Bikers for Trump illustrating the viciousness of the left taken out of context by CNN
2:00:03Beto O’Rourke’s 1980s affiliation with the Cult of the Dead Cow covered up by Reuters, bizarre “acts of love” fantasies about running over children; empty “I will not do it” promise to 60 Minutes; Beto to “new Barbara Walters” Gayle King on impeaching Trump for “effort to collude”; predicted “beat the President at the ballot box” meme replacing impeachment
2:12:25ACC reads doomed Gimlet Media’s bombastic announcement that it is unionizing
2:20:15Donation Segment
2:31:55Allied Pilots Association’s Dennis Tajer to CNBS in February 2018 on Boeing suppressing details of MCAS system, release of FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive; ACC on black box in the hands of “the enemy” France, computer-run Jaguar XJS and Eurocopter with Windows NT 3.1
2:42:41Tucker Carlson smear campaign using his misogynistic call-ins to Bubba the Love Sponge; Sarah Sanders asked once again whether Trump believes Democrats hate Jews
2:48:11Al Gore displays chuckling lie tell to CNN: “it’s beyond the consensus of 99% of the scientists”, first opportunity to withdraw from Paris Accord the day after the 2020 election (CotD), Climate Reality Project eleven-year-old recruited for truancy operation, “we’re coming for those of you who are not helping to solve this crisis