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1120 Sure. (2019-03-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Eand!” JCD: “Eand?” ACC: “Eand-a, eand!” (2:25:27)
0:00:36Fun with elite college entrance fraud scandal, Title 9 women’s sports scholarships, JCD on potential collusion with high schools; Olivia Jade Giannulli video: “I do want the experience of like game days and partying, I don’t really care about school”, JCD: “how hard is to get into USC?”, Giannulli on missing a week of school for trip to Fiji: “I’m an adult, are you proud of me?!”, ACC: “this is so bad, there are people in the Troll Room actually begging for you to play an Amy Goodman Democracy Now clip”, YouTube celebrity Schadenfreude
0:16:18JCD on nepotism of Jared Kushner’s Harvard acceptance as established practice; Robert Woodson to Tucker Carlson on child abuse and “entitlement mentality”
0:23:53Kamala Harris to NPR on reparations for slavery: “sure!”, links slavery to multigenerational PTSD; Woodson on black and Native American slave owners, “I just think it’s lethal for us to just talk about a simplistic remedy so we can do virtue signaling on the issue of race”
0:30:08Producer’s copy-paste endorsement of 2020 candidate Andrew Yang, Joe Rogan all-in on his pet cause Universal Basic Income: “we automated away four million manufacturing jobs” rather than sending them to China, JCD’s baby boomer vision of a robotic socialist utopia, ACC: “you need a moat with alligators and booby traps”
0:44:20Elizabeth Warren on breaking up Silicon Valley companies: “sure!”, Amazon deplatforming its own merchants; Sen. Josh Hawley grills Google “scholar” Will DeVries about inability to fully disable Android location services, “location information is absolutely core to making a mobile phone work”, Hawley makes unfortunate Hotel California reference
1:03:38Producer Segment: “fun facts” about Switzerland
1:32:34ACC’s new five-pound Microsoft Surface Dock; housewarming gifts from producers
1:38:17PBS on rejection of hoarse-voiced Theresa May’s no-deal Brexit; Nigel Farage on MP Geoffrey Cox calling into question the measure’s legality, “she always seems to cough before she says something that is demonstrably untrue”; May speechwriter Chris Wilkins predicting extension
1:46:54Media ignoring actions against Al-Shabaab in Wes Clark Seven component Somalia
1:49:07Boeing-Airbus war heats up with grounding of 737 MAX due to FAA finding parallels between Ethiopian Airlines and Lion Air crashes, odd United 93 style crash site, Judy Woodruff tries to blame Trump’s government shutdown; Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot, plant in Zhoushan China; The Dr. Mumbi Show cites 33 “code code code code code”, Americans warned away from Bole International Airport on March 10 by State Department; ACC: “it’s a glitch!”
2:08:08Donation Segment: JCD’s “it’s a shame Hillary lost” dating tip
2:20:28Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tries to make Wells Fargo CEO┬áTim Sloan responsible for nonexistent Dakota Access Pipeline leaks, JCD: “she doesn’t know how dumb she is”, ACC: “oh, she has bord voor de kop”, nonsensical “building seawalls from the erosion of infrastructure or cleanups, wildfires, etcetera”, annoying nasal “eand” pronunciation
2:25:42More than 60 goats stolen in Fresno County California, ACC on Tony the taxi driver with dead goat in trunk, 60k Syrian refugees in Fresno
2:30:10NAS No Agenda Social and Nerve Attenuation Syndrome from 1995 Johnny Mnemonic: “all the electronics around you poisoning the airwaves, technological fucking civilization!”; ad for Nuplazid to treat Parkinson’s disease delusions; Johnny Mnemonic “Thompson eye-phone”
2:39:24Kara Swisher to vocal frying uptalker YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on her son watching “idiot” Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson videos “and in three clicks he was in Neo-Nazi stuff”