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1119 HyperTrending (2019-03-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Can I get your autograph? No!!” (2:29:00)
0:00:34“Dirty theremin” video in show notes; virtue signaling radio stations banning Michael Jackson; “code orange” weather alert for Netherlands departure; millennials listening to Grand Theft Auto fake radio stations with conspiracy theorist DJ “Adam”, Donald Trump ecstasy pills
0:07:58Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 crash, lousy Airbus sales numbers
0:10:07British Parliament to vote on Brexit deal, Theresa May: “we may never leave at all”; Finnish government resigns over health care reform failure; Euronews propaganda declares French yellow vest protests “may finally have run out of steam”; fake balsamic vinegar in Italy
0:22:03Hillary Clinton trots out her fake Southern accent at Cory Booker campaign event; Elizabeth Warren “chip in” e-mail griping about Manafort sentence
0:29:11Jussie Smollett indicted on 16 counts; Washington Post’s Zainab Salbi gripes to Morning Joe* about a third of Trump supporters in Ohio being neo-Nazis
0:31:44Democracy Now on Venezuelan power outage and Mike Pompeo’s “flurry of tweets” calling for “rajeem change”; Maduro accuses US of using “high-level technologies”, JCD: “hey, there’s a switch, Bill”; NBC using State Department-approved term “interim president”
0:40:08NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine responds with enthusiasm to Space Force “great question”, JCD calls bullcrap on claim that “every banking transaction in this country is dependent on a timing signal from GPS”, April 6 GPS Y2K
0:50:25SxSW “douchebag heaven”, Foursquare “hypertrending” maps
0:57:47“Mr. Reagan” video on Justice Democrats “puppets” including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti an apologist for Nazi sympathizer Subhas Chandra Bose; Justice Democrats video on AOC’s nomination, JCD draws Tea Party parallel
1:13:29Producer Segment: JCD’s thoughts on quantum computing: “well-meaning hoax”
1:44:18Worldwide truancy operation scheduled for March 15, Greta Thunberg: “why should we study for a future we might not have?”, “Woman” of the Year in Sweden, battle with climate hysteria induced depression at age eleven, ACC: “so politicians, if you think it has no effect, what you’re doing … this is the result”; producer notes on Notre Dame University students discussing birth strike, JCD: “take yourself out of the gene pool, you idiots”, “essentially a moat” Texas-Mexico border boots on the ground report
1:52:35ACC clarifies Jewish representation in Congress as AIPAC influence; Nancy Pelosi’s litany of excuses for Ilhan Omar; Omar on being labeled anti-Semitic, parallel between NRA and AIPAC; Democracy Now on resulting House resolution condemning all discrimination, Gideon Levy lauds “great, great politicians” like Omar for standing up to Israel lobby
2:08:34NewsHour’s Mark Shields and David Brooks clone Michael Gerson in perfect agreement with Congress stirring up trouble for Trump administration
2:12:01Donation Segment: ACC’s autographed drawing of Ted Williams
2:34:07Electronic car keys disabled by rogue radio signal in Perth Australia, JCD story: Lexus SC 400s popular targets for theft using hacker device, absurdity of car doors without keyholes; California man and his family “devastated” at being handed grim news by a robotic doctor
2:43:42PBS on North Korea reassembling satellite launch facility, shift in US tactics toward seeking “grand bargain” for denuclearization instead of staged approach thanks to John Bolton, JCD on InfoWorld’s Pat McGovern placating critics by firing nonexistent columnists, Japanese PM Shinzo Abe doing his best to stir up tensions due to mutual Japan-Korea hatred