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1118 Birth Strike (2019-03-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Creatorrrs in spaaace!” (1:50:08)
0:00:34Magic number 33 theme in Netflix series Dark, JCD’s low-pitched Silicon Spin guest; ACC at Schiphol Airport hotel, promotion for book Lex Harding: 50 Jaar Media en Popcultuur, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth tracking, creaky Tesla taxis, overpass cameras ticketing phone users; radio stations refusing to play Michael Jackson, UEFA Ajax vs Real Madrid win; no out-of-pocket health care payments or in vitro fertilization for lesbians; Groningen earthquake investigation
0:17:30Alberta Canada halts fracking after 4.6 magnitude earthquake; Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna: “who remembers the extreme heat that we felt last Summer?”; terrified British women explain to BBC why they are on “birth strike”
0:28:52CBC The Red Chair voters weigh in on Justin Trudeau; pre-election online political ad ban
0:34:05Jack Dorsey returns to The Joe Rogan Experience with “trust and safety” head Vijaya Gadde, JCD on “Castle Lafite” machine translation, Gadde blatantly lies about deplatforming of Alex Jones by inserting “there’s a bunch of other stuff” in place of “it’s gonna hit in the middle of the night” call for self-defense; student protests at Hampshire College over possible shutdown
0:46:30New Gab Dissenter browser extension as dark web Twitter alternative; Zuckerberg’s laughable promise of a “privacy-focused” Facebag; ACC: “this is Andy Warhol’s fifteen minutes”, Big App Show YouTube deplatforming, JCD on vain selfie junkies, diminishing Twitter link clicks
1:01:23Dutch houses being built without gas connections, JCD on vegans “eating for political reasons”
1:04:06Producer Segment: ACC’s digital audio “glitch”; SquirrelMail’s impending end of life
1:11:16Eva Jinek to interview ACC for 2020 election in “Casa Curry” studio; hordes of Dutch Knights
1:14:02R. Kelly freaks out during interview with Gayle King: “y’all tryin’ to kill me!
1:18:01Donny “Douche” Deutsch to Chris Matthews on the new Trump Rotation addition “we will not have a peaceful transition” if “they disqualify him from running for office” or he “gets elected out”, David Brooks’ 30% of public meme, Trump “not beyond starting a civil war”
1:24:03Producer note on H.R.1 mandating 6-to-1 donation matching as bonanza for networks
1:27:45Electric Citro├źn Ami One “cardboard box with wheels” at Geneva International Auto Show
1:33:49Rep. Ilhan Omar in trouble for shooting her mouth off again about Jews, Democrat resolution in the works rolling anti-Muslim sentiment together with anti-Semitism; ACC on Jewish majority in Congress; Jeremy Corbyn calling for arms embargo against Israel
1:41:20Michael Savage being transitioned to podcast format, guest theorizes Trump is hated by the political elite because “he’s a businessman”; Ben Shapiro “No Agenda, facts!” iso; Newt’s World podcast; doomed new Luminary startup podcast network with subscription model
1:59:29Donation Segment: Scott McKenzie’s new book The Archivist
2:12:36Jill Abramson on Facebook’s siloing effect; JCD’s interest in interview with William Shatner
2:17:48RT on new US sanctions for financial dealings with Maduro government; German Ambassador ejected for acknowledging Guaid├│; State Department objects to use of “opposition leader”, Matt Lee calls “weak sauce” to spokeshole Robert Palladino, Marco Rubio calling CNN a Russian shill; demands for Elliot Abrams’ removal from Holocaust Museum position over his support for war crimes; media changes narrative to obsess over illegal immigration surge
2:32:31Dutch “fake news” usage; draft Russian law against disrespecting government; Democracy Now on insurance regulators looking into Trump businesses for “inflating the value of its assets”
2:41:19Birmingham UK school to halt “No Outsiders” LGBBTQQIAAPK rights program because “it’s a predominantly Muslim school” (CotD); ACC reading Raising the Transgender Child