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1117 Composting People (2019-03-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Buy, we gotta buy ya a beer!” (1:43:51)
0:00:40ACC at 125-strong Austin meetup with “Ben” name tags and foam fingers
0:06:38BBC mischaracterizes Trump’s two-hour ad-lib speech at CPAC Conservative Political Action Conference, “everybody knows the word I’d love to use!” for shithole countries, “please get us the e-mails!”, “this is how I got elected, by being off script”, “New Green Deal, or whatever the Hell they call it”, odd reference to men in inauguration crowd unable to walk
0:23:03State Department offering “up to a million dollars” for information on Hamza bin Laden “stripped of citizenship” by Saudi Arabia, State Department spook asked about “rebranding” of al-Qaeda, Today Show asserts “it’s believed he may have married the daughter of Mohamed Atta”, ACC predicts Ayni Tajikistan; China Uncensored on “secret Chinese military outpost”
0:47:58Médecins sans Frontières hospitals attacked in Democratic Republic of Congo, ebola victims “picked up and ran”, sketchy “they’ve never seen ebola before!”, handoff of operations to ALIMA Alliance for International Medical Action, reality TV producer Glenda Hirsh on board
0:56:39Producer Segment: ACC’s LSD bereavement card; No Agenda blocked in “the loony bin”
1:45:02David Brooks’ Freudian slip on Trump and Michael Cohen who have “dragged us all down there with us”, Mark Shields lies “not a single member of the Republican committee defended Donald Trump”; Republican Rep. Mark Meadows defends Trump against racism accusations
1:53:17Canadian MP Michelle Rempel explains SNC-Lavalin bribery and fraud scandal, “lobbying spree to end all lobbying sprees, like, imagine American-style lobbyists”, deferred prosecution agreement to protect company’s ability to bid on government contracts, Rempel chided after accusing Trudeau of conspiracy, $30k in Canadian prostitutes for Gaddafi’s son, “this is the so-called victimless crime that our woke, feminist Prime Minister is moving mountains to cover up”, Trudeau’s defense: “every step of the way we will stand up for Canadian workers”
2:02:37Uptalking Casey Newton to The Vergecast on Facebook’s content moderation farms with $15/hour “cogs in a machine”; YouTube filtering conspiracy theory videos; douchebag Nilay Patel cites “folks who, they believe 9/11 was an inside job, which is false”, surprise at reviewers who found Alex Jones was “starting to make some sense”, moderators compared to soldiers and firefighters, JCD: “do we know that this is not some CIA experiment?”
2:15:04Apple Wallet detects change to ACC’s Chase credit card; surge in $100 bills in circulation
2:20:55Washington state heroin overdose victims in refrigerated trucks and new state laws allowing human “recomposition” or “composting people”; Canada to extradite Meng Wanzhou to US
2:23:58Gov. Jay Inslee’s Solyndra-style kickoff to 2020 campaign; 60 Minutes teaser for children suing federal government over climate change; arrogant 16-year-old “we voted you” girl Isha Clarke to Amy Goodman: “just because she has more life experience than me doesn’t mean anything”, alarm over rain caused by climate change ending drought caused by climate change, “climate change is an intersectional issue”; producer note on 2030 climate model divergence, Chinese 2030 target for Paris Agreement; Trump climate czar William Happer’s “shut up!” to Andrew Ross Sorkin, “carbon dioxide is actually a benefit to the world, and so were the Jews”
2:38:17Donation Segment
2:45:24Virginia first lady Pam Northam’s apology for handing out cotton to black students
2:48:32The Grand Tour shilling for Chongqing China, JCD recommends Shanghai
2:51:24New Treasury Department sanctions against Venezuelan officials; German Justice Minister calls for voting age to be lowered to 16 in light of school truancy operations