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1116 GND-MOU-ROI (2019-02-28)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey! That must be a pesticide, aaaghhh!” (2:25:27)
0:00:34Zephyr cancelled due to snow
0:01:21Michael Cohen testimony played on network TV and C-SPAN 3; unhinged Alex Jones on Joe Rogan Experience: “I’m sorry the Sandy Hook kids died, my identity is not that!”, substitutes “WaPo” for “Huawei” in context of 5G, ACC: “marijuana was necessary”
0:08:41JCD irked by Academy Awards in memoriam segment omissions and inclusions list, Trevor Noah’s Black Panther “Wakanda forever” abelungu abazi ukuba ndiyaxoka “white people don’t know I’m lying” joke, “middle-age farts” in audience boogieing to Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody editor’s consolation prize, “community” irked over portrayal of bisexuality
0:20:04Michael Cohen primarily in hot water for bank fraud and tax evasion, minor campaign finance violation, Putin’s penthouse a PR stunt; Rep. Mark Green gripes about Democrats trotting out a serial liar as their star witness, “yes” to planned book deal, takes credit for convincing Trump to run in 2016; ACC: “shit, he sounds just like Andrew Horowitz!”, JCD on “leave your wife rich” phone calls in Brooklyn-Boston accent; inauguration hotel price gouging, JCD on Yakuza golf club parallel; Norah O’Donnell’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz “ousted by Russian leaks” meme, Schultz gripes about Russia “weaponizing” DNC e-mails, “involved in the rump” flub, unlikely Roger Stone on speakerphone story, WikiLeaks tweeting e-mail dump a month in advance; Rep. Elijah Cummings closes with “333 dollars a month in insulin” rant; CNN’s endless MH370 coverage and Nightline covering nothing but Iran hostage crisis
0:39:29Climategate: “five sigma level” of confidence that humans cause global warming, Benjamin Santer formerly of East Anglia; Severn Cullis-Suzuki scolding 1992 Rio Summit attendees; teacher producer note on truancy operations and the dangers of admitting skepticism
0:50:19Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Instagram cooking video: “there’s scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to very difficult”, odd expression for “is it okay to still have children”, “watered-down proposals that frankly are going to kill us”, “if we do nothing, there is no hope, period, that’s just a principle across the board”; Kamala Harris all-in on GND ROI
1:00:04JCD on pro-nuclear China vs European divestment; Bill Gates on the reliability benefits of nuclear power, “how do you make steel?”, “per-output it’s the safest form of energy ever created”, Chinese nuclear energy cheaper than coal
1:10:14Producer Segment: Pod Save America butchers CNN ad; Guyana and Venezuela
1:45:13Prof. Zia Miami to Democracy Now on India-Pakistan flareup due to upcoming Indian election; JCD recommends Fawn Pakistani basmati rice, Kashmiri civilians caught in the middle
1:52:58Huawei executive at Mobile World Conference promising no back doors in 5G products; Wall Street Journal promises speeds “a hundred times faster”; ACC’s two-device OTG strategy
2:08:48Trump and Robert Lighthizer squabble about the significance of MOUs in Chinese negotiations, “from now on we’re not using the word memorandum of understanding any more”
2:12:04Jorge Ramos detained in Venezuela; calls for Justin Trudeau’s resignation for pushing deferred prosecution of SNC-Lavalin in Libya corruption case
2:16:35Donation Segment: ACC’s hearing aid feedback chirp; passionate marijuana experts
2:28:27JCD on denuclearization of Korean Peninsula vs North Korea, ACC’s “weird sex stuff” theory for Neocon creep John Bolton’s position; TPS Temporary Protected Status for Venezuelans
2:35:46Pinterest spokeshole on suppressing vaccine skeptic search results: “vaccines are settled science”, JCD on 2009 Norman Lear measles propaganda, reintroduction of “eradicated” disease