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1115 Truancy Crimes (2019-02-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hnyi, hnyi, hnyi, hurry up it’s gotta go faster!” (2:12:48)
0:00:33ACC and Tulsi Gabbard in very cold Des Moines, meetup knighting with real sword
0:08:21“Feinstein” ambushed by abused Sunrise Movement children clamoring for Green New Deal, douchebag teacher: “you’re looking at the faces of the people who are gonna be living with these consequences!”, JCD: “this is a truancy operation, these people should be jailed!”, Feinstein buttslams sixteen-year-old claiming “we’re the people who voted you”
0:22:20Feinstein’s chickenshit draft climate resolution: California drought “likely” 15% worse due to climate change, “by no later than 2050” when she’s long dead, “energy efficient standards for ceiling fans”, “meaningful training for new economic opportunities”, JCD: “learn to code!”, handouts for everyone but old white men; JCD on the “duck and cover” and fallout shelters
0:33:43Panic attacks from unannounced Florida school active shooter drill; CNBC: How to Train Your Dragon sequel promoted “where kids and teenagers spend their mind… spend their time”
0:37:24Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes credit for Green New Deal, “you do it!”
0:39:22Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt says something /ɪm.por.ʔənt/ about anti-Semitic white supremacists; Bernard-Henri Lévy propagates anti-Semitic yellow vest protests meme to Bill Maher: “populism is the nickname, gentle name, for fascism, therefore for anti-Semitism” (CotD); Canadian activist Nora Loreto: movement opposing UN as “conspiracy theory”
0:51:10Producer Segment: Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene Wormser
1:20:19Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome “scromiting” and “dabbing” butane-extracted hash oil
1:26:21Israel moon mission on three-month trip due to lack of Saturn V rocket
1:28:19Jill Abramson loses track of the Vice narrative talking to “advertising, call it whatever you want” Vivian Schiller, New York Times’ analytics boards à la Max Headroom, “it’s all Trump!”, Schiller misses the quality over exclusivity point, “compromiiise” of “paid post” native advertising, “rake overrrrrrrr” and “my voice is getting a little froggy” isos
1:46:42Samsung Galaxy S10 5G event hypes “remote surgery, cloud gaming, and autonomous driving”; Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei echoes Trump’s anticipation of 6G, Mike Morrell warns about “more platforms from which an intelligence service can spy from”, White House warning allies against doing business with Huawei; Gayle King: “and what was your take on Mr. Huawei?”; JCD on hacker kids abusing home automation, ACC: millennials don’t care
1:59:04Donation Segment: ACC’s credit card hijack, JCD’s two tanks of gas and a pair of sneakers
2:10:42Industry insider: “places that handle cash are less safe than those that don’t have cash on hand”, absurd “they’re asking for it” lie, ACC proposes “cashless is racist”
2:14:47Maduro severs ties with Colombia after border clashes; Richard Branson standing in for Clooney with benefit concert; John Bolton all-in on getting US oil companies into the country
2:19:38Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged in prostitution case, Chinese taking over “massage” industry; Des Moines Chinese pizzeria; Julie Brown on Jeffrey Epstein victims of “royalty”
2:29:19James Clapper speculates Trump may be “witting or unwitting” Russian asset
2:31:17Possible Six-Week Cycle arrest of white supremacist Christopher Paul Hasson with guns and a spreadsheet, former RNC Chair Michael Steele: Trump “probably not happy about what law enforcement did”, Nicolle Wallace: “that’s a brave thing to say”
2:35:26Don Lemon’s changing story about Jussie Smollett: “my first reaction was… sadness”
2:38:48Mark Shields: Bernie Sanders’ huge crowds set to be written off by media a second time
2:41:04Lisa Desjardins on DoD border wall funding to stop drug trafficking