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1114 Fudged (2019-02-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “I love my pie hole, Adam, I love my pie hole, Adam.” (1:29:42)
0:00:34Trump tweets “I want 5G, and even 6G, technology”; Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei channels Sun Tzu: “if the lights go out in the West, the East will still shine”, throws his daughter under the bus; Motorola’s Moto Mod antenna proximity sensor; The Hague commits to all-5G by 2020, JCD on 5G dud at Seoul Olympics; ACC’s new Surface Pro 6 for Iowa; offline over Linux security; JCD irked with Skype’s UI maldesign
0:15:44Kamala Harris baffled by her outsourced Jussie Smollett tweet; Don Lemon: “I know people have been wondering what I had to say about it”, “love your work” from Smollett, “people in the community” questioning the story, “as we always say around here, facts first”; New York Times’ Charles Blow: “this is a psychopath!”; Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx recuses herself without explanation; absurd ransom-note style letter, mystery seven-hour two-hour flight, JCD on “getting beat up community”; Sunny Hostin on “chilling effect”
0:35:50Burberry getting grief over noose hoodie, Angela Ahrendts’ departure for Apple
0:37:58White House campaigning against criminalization of homosexuality after hanging in Iran
0:41:34#ADOS American Descendants of Slavery gaining traction, journalist Yvette Carnell rants against Joy Reid and Charles Blow lying about rich African-Americans
0:48:42Kim Ives to Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill podcast on US takeover of Haiti after 2010 earthquake as reaction to PetroCaribe deal with Venezuela, “neo-Duvalierist” government set up by the Clintons, IMF-mandated fuel price hike, OAS “which Cuba rightly calls Washington’s Ministry of Colonial Affairs”; pro-Maduro Lima Group including Guyana and Rex Tillerson’s Exxon stint; Trump in Miami: “a new day is coming in Latin America”, rubblization and border wall theory; George Ciccariello-Maher on US courting military for regime change, Andrew McCabe’s account of Trump’s Monroe Doctrine, JCD: Monroe “biggest prick who’s ever been President of the United States”, Trump’s populist inability to spot conflicts of interest
1:08:49Producer Segment
1:37:36Canadaland podcast on Vice using Jill Abramson’s book manuscript in “oppo campaign”; war correspondent Lara Logan to Mike Drop podcast on journalists as “political activists”
1:48:48Chinese Belt and Road Initiative on its last legs financially and popularly, $60bn for Pakistan unlikely to be paid back; Mohammad bin Salman on signing of $20bn in MOUs
1:53:03Family of Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann sues WaPo for $250M over smear campaign, Alan Dershowitz: “reasonable case”; danger of libel insurance cancellation
2:03:592,250 ADA website accessibility lawsuits; Iranian military takes over US drones over Syria
2:07:38British girls on Love Island reality show on the horrors of Brexit: “I love my holidays!”
2:09:21Donation Segment
2:15:42David Icke hounded by Australian TV interviewers after visa cancellation
2:28:21Climategate: climatologist Patrick J. Michaels to Mark Levin on superiority of Russian climate models, “parameterized” or “fudged” UN models
2:34:13ACC OTG: Google busted for sneaking a microphone into Nest Guard security devices; advertisers freaking out over inadvertent soft child pornography on YouTube
2:39:08New Trump Rotation addition from Alisyn Camerota: “humorless”
2:40:55Macron branding yellow vests anti-Semites; Jeopardy! “what are macaroni and cheese”
2:44:28Douchebag Tucker Carlson channeling Bill O’Reilly by revisiting marijuana “scromiting” meme
2:50:5318 trillion gallons of rain in California