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1112 El Valvador (2019-02-14)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh my God!” (1:23:35)
0:00:35Happy “Valentime’s Day”, Dame Astrid’s note about Japanese women buying chocolate for men, Newsletter sucked into black hole due to Google’s adoption of “TensorSlow”
0:07:32Furor over Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweet about Jewish money in politics, defense by “Steve the Jew” Pieczenik on AIPAC American Israel Public Affairs Committee, “I basically am related to Rom Bomb”, PAC money flying politicians on junkets to Israel; Meet the Press on danger of “political anti-Semitism”; ACC on Justice Democrats being “run” from the shadows
0:17:07“Heat-seeking missile” Omar reads script grilling Elliott “Adams” about “Iran Cortra affair”, snotty “that was not a question, thank you for your participation”, “US policy in El Valvador”, Abrams: “that is a ridiculous question … no!”, Omar: “I will take that as a yes”
0:24:44Cenk Uygur’s nephew Hasan Piker proposes “drastic wealth redistribution” to render billionaires obsolete; Mitch McConnell announces “Green… New Deal” roll call vote
0:29:01Heavily made-up Amy Klobuchar weasels out of supporting Green New Deal; Don Lemon and April Ryan wrangle over whether Kamala Harris is “black enough”, “nononononono!”, “Jamaica did not come out of Jim Crow, I’m just saying!”; Harris reveals hypocrisy as prosecutor who smoked “weed”, “Tupac for sure” taken as a lie, ACC reads Cardi B “pop that pussy” lyrics; Ben Shapiro mocks Harris, maniacal laugh and Shari’s Berries “oh… my… God” isos
0:47:06Victoria Nuland stepping down from a Center For a New American Security position
0:50:26ACC’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch outing with plenty of Trump hate; producer note on attending AOC’s alma mater Boston University in her “invisible No Agenda hat”, recording of unhinged F-bomb-spewing Korean psychology professor railing against Trump
0:56:28Neuroscience professor Sam Harris shortsightedly justifies podcast paywalls to Joe Rogan
1:05:19Producer Segment: No Agenda for homeschooling curriculum
1:31:28ACC a “Bitcoin celebrity” after $0.70 transfer over amateur radio FS8CALL mode
1:34:18Trains Good Planes Bad: Obama Green New Deal high-speed rail “no takin’ off your shoes” revisited; Gavin Newsom scales program back to Merced to Bakersfield; JCD on demolished San Francisco bus terminal, possible bailout of corrupt officials speculating on land
1:45:21Former Baltimore LGBTQ Commission member Julia Beck to Tucker Carlson on danger of men legally identifying as female, “the T is based on gender identity, which is not based in biological reality”, “I don’t think it’s fair to lump us all into the same acronym”
1:50:08Nicolás Maduro asserts that the “Ku Klux Klan rules over the White House”; Mike Pompeo: Hezbollah has “active cells” in Venezuela; NBC on Benjamin Netanyahu walking back “common interest of war with Iran” statement; JCD predicts Wes Clark Seven false flag
2:01:39Donation Segment
2:12:55The War on Cash: Philadelphia considering bill to require businesses to accept cash
2:16:41ACC OTG: recommendations for 18-year-old producer, benefit of not getting iMessage notifications; giggly NPR millennial concludes life is impossible without big tech: “by rejecting Facebook I had to reject a lot of people in my life”, JCD on millennials generally oblivious to antennas; “1234” password security flaw in industrial temperature control systems; New York City regulations requiring minute-by-minute passenger tracking in ride sharing services
2:28:38Boring CNN backgrounder on “El Chapo” Guzmán, $100M bribe to Obama’s buddy former Mexican President Peña Nieto; Oracle vs Amazon, girlfriend admits showing Bezos dick pics
2:33:15Iranian spy Monica Witt invokes Edward Snowden, disappearing mole in FBI photo gallery