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1110 Kremlin Crush (2019-01-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “She’s aliiive!” (2:02:51)
0:00:32Elizabeth Warren apologizes for “American Indian” on 1986 Texas State Bar application, JCD: “she’s actually gorgeous as a high school girl”; Shep Smith “prompter!”, Warren lies “that is a claim that has been fully investigated”, “this is our family story!”; rewriting history with “the facts suggest that you absolutely have a Native American ancestry in your pedigree” from geneticist Carlos Bustamante, CBS gets “racial insensitivity” jab in on Trump
0:12:51Virginia officials under fire for blackface and sexual assault incidents, Fallon & Kimmel keeping quiet; ACC: “where’s Al Sharpton?”, CBS on Republican chosen from “ceramic bowl” up next in line of succession; The View screech-fest over photo of Joy Behar dressed as “beautiful African woman”; New York Times accuses Mary Poppins of racism
0:23:28Tulsi Gabbard jingle, “Kiss of Death Endorsement Company” recruits David Duke; Glenn Greenwald on bogus story about “Kremlin crush” on former sweetheart Gabbard, NBC “notorious on behalf of both the CIA and the DNC”; Greenwald to Tucker Carlson on neocons migrating to Democrat party largely because of Hillary, disgraced New Knowledge operation
0:31:29Pod Save America douchebags mock “that racist guy” Stephen Miller, fawning over “brilliant” Stacey Abrams; Foreign Policy magazine article embracing identity politics; Abrams on green screen for State of the Union response; sarcastic Pod Save America Oatly oat milk ad
0:41:28Spotify acquires Gimlet Media and Anchor, unskippable ads a No Agenda deal-breaker
0:46:08State of the Union: ACC on networks choosing biggest campaign spenders; MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace delighted by clips contrasting SotU and Trump attacking Joe Biden; Van Jones’ “cookies and dog poop” summary; long-winded Democrats and Trump; paper-shuffling Nancy Pelosi, minions in “very powerful” white suffragette dresses, JCD: “why don’t they wear a bustle?”; Rep. Paul Tonko: “climate change is an ultimate solution”; Whipsaw! jingle, NBC “we’re gonna have to see what happens” to exemplify Trump’s shutdown threats
1:12:55Producer Segment: “Pentacon” repeated from Show 1015; ACC’s “son I never had” Dexter
1:30:16Jack Dorsey to Joe Rogan on departure from “post-comment” model, deplatforming based solely on “conduct”, “downrank the replies” shadowbanning, “machine learning and deep learning model”, ACC: “skip logic”, immortal content model, GIF mispronunciation
1:49:13Super Bowl prediction misfire with Patriots win, pervasive robots & talking tubes in ads
1:53:11Boston Antifa “shame shame shame!” iso, Alex Jones “God told me destroy Joe Rogan!
1:55:23Nigel Farage plays Jeremy Corbyn railing against EU: “he’s more Brexit than I am!”
1:58:47JCD: Trumpy Bear a legitimate collectible, box of 1962 Kennedy bumper stickers
2:01:24No photos of Ruth Bader Ginsburg at National Museum of Women in the Arts
2:04:39ACC’s “living the app life”, IKEA rental app; Austin scooter collides with app-rented car
2:07:27Donation Segment
2:18:16Climategate: BBC Radio 5 compares acceptance of global warming with evolution, twelve-year time scale “useful to think about”, American “evangelical thinking” lie, ACC: “nut jobs!”, “in rational terms, do we need a new president, for the planet?”, abused children parrot talking points; €340M European Solidarity Corps Hitlerjügend; producer note on Frozen school play propaganda; NOAA: 2018 fourth hottest year; electric cars crippled by frigid temperatures
2:32:07Google attacking spam with TensorFlow; producer note on cable networks buying fake views
2:36:40CBS on Venezuelan military itching to defect to opposition
2:40:01Sen. Mazie Hirono grills judicial nominee over her position on dwarf tossing