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1109 Pentacon (2019-02-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “I hate Super Bowl analysis.” (2:16:09)
0:00:34Hoax report on dead birds in The Hague due to 5G experiment; Canadian producer’s lackluster fake 5G speed test; Germany jettisoning Huawei; ACC’s Nest logging walk-bys, JCD: “soldering gun”, depopulated Roku advertisement box Buzzkill Jr.’s assertion that Middle Eastern Dudes Named Ben are superior; Rachel Maddow freaking about Russia switching off grid, ACC proposes “Professor Ted Scholarship for Cyber-Prophylactics”
0:14:51ACC’s gives real estate agent his eavesdropping and undivided attention OTG rationale
0:19:16Atlanta clearing out the homeless for Super Bowl LIII, Rams predicted to win
0:26:09Spotify in talks to acquire Gimlet Media, exclusive offer for No Agenda; constant insincere and disdainful ad reads on popular podcasts, “the master” Leo LaPorte vs Ben Shapiro
0:34:38Fox & CNBC pushing Altria vape products, $13bn purchase of Juul, new study on e-cigarettes with “surprisingly positive results”, ACC: “from now on they should be referred to as big nic”, JCD on buying university study results, Edward Bernays smoking campaign for women, Michael Savage’s disgust at proposed ad campaign adopted by Hannity
0:42:25Debunked story of Mike Pence supporting conversion therapy revisited; tearful Ellen Page to Colbert: Pence “wishes I didn’t have the love with my wife”, harm to LGBTQ community “as the government of Indiana”; no mention of Florida bank killings while Chris Cuomo & Don Lemon debate MAGA hat bans: “maybe it means Mexicans are rapists to people”
0:54:41CNN propagates sketchy report that European colonization caused global cooling; NPR on 1995 Newt Gingrich Congress focus group testing the term “climate change”, media should not “fact check” Trump, BBC “late to the party” in jettisoning “people who reject the science just on the basis of what’s convenient for them ideologically”, new statistic 98.5% of scientists
1:08:17Producer Segment: BART’s “silent” trains; Pleroma Mastodon fork; “goat power!” jingle
1:27:48Able Kirby’ jingle-making shower timeout, Sir Chris She’s Going the Distance Hillary song
1:28:50JCD powers through Tulsi Gabbard’s low-energy “beacon of aloha” candidacy announcement, NBC smear campaign linking Gabbard to “stirrings” of Russian support, JCD’s LibJoe all-in; Canadian government “right?” spokeshole spews gobbledygook about Critical Election Incident Public Protocol: “it’s going to be context-dependent and context-specific”
1:39:20BBC: Juan Guaidó “Venezueal’s Obama”; socialist Democracy Now on “US-backed” coup as Trump’s first step toward Cuba and Nicaragua, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez calls out “the dislocated Mike Pence”, military brass bribed with US visas into turning on Maduro
1:49:22Cameroon cracking down on protests; 900 dead in Democratic Republic of Congo; Spanish taxi drivers ditching vehicles en masse; ACC hurls Bird scooter into street; Dutch kids ditching school for global warming; French yellow vests vs eye-gouging Flash-Ball police weapon
1:56:35Brian Williams addresses the issue of Roger Stone not being read his Miranda rights
1:59:17Alex Jones theory: journalists laid off since Obama’s $300M to combat fake news has run out
2:02:21Donation Segment: JCD’s strategy for avoiding multiple speeding tickets; sorghum flour
2:24:19Virginia Delegate Kathy Tran tries to clarify controversial new third trimester abortion bill HB 2491; “impair the mental or physical health of the woman” clause, ACC on Ronald McDonald House family rooms with 24-week infants; Andrew Cuomo rails “Kavanaugh is going to reverse Roe v. Wade, I have no doubt!” ironically pushing for states’ rights; Tran grilled by Majority Leader Todd Gilbert with “she’s dilating” scenario, ACC: “killing people should be televised!”
2:37:55University of Farmington a fake ICE honeypot targeting illegal immigrants