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1107 Carbon Budget (2019-01-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “Do you have your gaffer tape to fix that again?” (0:16:53)
0:00:34“Soft coup” thus far in Venezuela; Mike Pompeo: “either you stand with the forces of freedom or you’re in league with Maduro and his mayhem”, “lashed out” meme, 2018 pullout of voting technology vendor Smartmatic, JCD on high-quality Bolivian crude, Chinese owed $40-50bn
0:10:08Democracy Now on Pompeo’s promised $20bn, State Department recalling nonessential staff; Iran-Contra veteran Elliott Abrams installed as Special Envoy, Citgo profits not allowed to leave US, Russian gold mining rights, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Hugo Ch├ívez, China’s 40% stake in Sinovensa, ACC implicates National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
0:30:41John Brennan reappears on Morning Joe to weigh in on arrest of “unethical and unprincipled” Roger Stone, chuckling over “how many more indictments” question, “basically the compendium of the Robert Mueller investigation”, “people are innocent until alleged to be involved some type of criminal activity” (CotD), “I haven’t read the indictment” lie, “wittingly or unwittingly” callback to James Clapper’s perjury before Congress; CNN narrating “grab shot” of Stone’s arrest by FBI in riot gear; ACC on CIA vs DIA, Roy Cohn gay cabal, Alex Jones and the Austin military intelligence hub, “there’s a war on alternative media!” iso, Tim Cook spearheading the deplatforming campaign
0:49:53Brennan teases Trump family indictments; ACC on Uncle Don’s White House tours for gay prostitutes under Bush 41; Stone to Tucker Carlson on CNN cameraman in line of fire, “I don’t own a firearm”, $250k surety bond, “there’s a war on alternative media”, “bear false witness” meme; sketchy Broward County and Jeffrey Epstein, Like a Roger Stone song
1:05:12Producer Segment: CotD jingle request debate
1:22:03Elizabeth Warren all-in on JCD’s wealth tax; questions about Kamala Harris’ eligibility
1:27:06Davos World Economic Forum speech by abused 16-year-old Greta Thunberg: “I’m here to say our house is on fire”, Homo sapiens meme, “carbon budget that should and must become our new global currency”, ACC: “thanks, kiddo”, “I want you to panic, I want you to feel the fear I feel every day”; 35,000-strong school strike in Belgium, Thunberg “dressing leaders” in Davos; disgraced NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko: discussion of nuclear power “worries me more than the risk of a nuclear power plant accident”, ACC: “that’s your big oil money”
1:45:39Air traffic controllers “not fit for duty” due to stress from government shutdown, “we’re terrified that we’re going to lose our house”; Democracy Now on Coast Guard personnel depending on food pantries after missing second paycheck; Democracy Now mocks “multi-millionaire” Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross for recommending bridge loans; Don Lemon aghast at “the most elite, out-of-touch thing that I have ever heard in my life”, Washington Post 9% interest lie; Ross to CNBC on public-sector credit unions offering low-interest loans; local reports advertising zero-interest loans, JCD: “these are blatant lies!”
2:05:42Donation Segment: call for assistance on $33.33 Podcast License certificates
2:18:34Producer note on Qualcomm sponsoring PC Magazine; 2017 report on AT&T backing measure to cap per-node 5G payments in Austin; Tom Wheeler’s 2016 speech to National Press Club declaring 5G a “national priority”: “we won’t wait for the standards”, JCD: “hey, this guy came in and he offered me ten cents to do this, I’ll take it, it’s better than no ten cents!
2:30:10France and Germany sign new Treaty of Aachen, ACC: “I would lock up my bike”
2:34:14Drunk Sen. Michael Bennett wails that Mexico paying for “medieval” border wall “isn’t true!”; Rep. Will Hurd gloats about his CIA cred; producer note on fiber optic listening cables