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1106 Smart Wall (2019-01-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, can I use your video on the site? auhuhuhuh!” (0:09:16)
0:00:36US #8 in US News & World Report top ten countries list, Swedish “pizza bomber”
0:04:05Hysteria over video of Catholic school kids in MAGA hats facing off with American Indian elders, “vile” tweets from Kara Swisher, NPR On Point points to anonymous Twitter accounts amplifying video; Angela Rye: “our varying perspectives … such a powerful point”, MAGA hats “just as maddening and frustrating and triggering for me to look at as a KKK hood”
0:14:54ACC’s talk with TtK’s “Hill-bot from Florida” friend, “if you were a lesbian” Rachel Maddow Hill-bot identification technique; JCD on Jacques Ellul’s Propaganda as applied to individually tailored news; Uncle Don’s views on North Korea; federal employees immune to libel laws
0:24:06Trump agrees to State of the Union after end of shutdown; Rep. Will Hurd all-in on “a fiber optic cable from sea to shining sea” for border security and schools; Trump on Pelosi’s cancellation “because she doesn’t want to hear the truth”, $5.7bn on offer for James Clyburn’s “smart wall”, JCD: “this guy doesn’t know how to turn a computer on!”; Austin building ten-foot fence around Red River Street homeless alley where “you can see fighting, people having sex, people defecating” (CotD); Arizona bill to mandate porn tax to fund border security
0:34:52Don Lemon on “you’ll get back pay” shutdown challenge coins; PBS’ Yamiche Alcindor on the Trump-Pelosi showdown; H.R.705 to pay TSA directly with airline security fees
0:40:40Democracy Now irked at US support for Venezuelan coup; PBS focuses on Obama clone Juan Guaidó, CBS on Nicolás Maduro expelling US diplomatic staff; Citgo a Venezuelan outfit
0:53:55Ben Shapiro at March for Life: “baby Hitler wasn’t Hitler, adult Hitler was Hitler”
0:57:00Google changing Chrome extension API to kill ad blockers; ACC’s Pi-hole success
1:01:38Producer Segment: JCD bionic eye update
1:21:03Pluto TV bought by Viacom; UN whistleblower Claire Edwards draws comparison between 5G and “directed energy weapons” to perplexed António Guterres, warning about 200 MW satellite transmitters for Trump’s “smart wall”, JCD: “Maria!”; New York Times whining about Trump’s weak stance on 5G security
1:43:44Democracy Now on Greenland ice at “tipping point”; Amy Goodman channels Alex Jones with World Economic Forum “global elites”, David Attenborough “sounding the alarm” whipsaw
1:49:02CBS whipsaw with Elijah Cummings “warning” Trump with “we will hear from Mr. Cohen”
1:53:09Kirsten Gillibrand “I couldn’t have been more wrong!” apology tour compilation; Elizabeth Warren on the road with her dog Bailey and sidelined husband; Chris Matthews on Kamala Harris: “is she seen as African-American, is she seen as African-American?”
2:05:04Donation Segment:; ACC-JCD Black Panther wager revisited; “finks”
2:25:00Patriots vs Rams in Super Bowl, ACC: “the goats will win this year!”
2:27:31Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez named to House Oversight Committee with subpoena power for staffers; MLK Day interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates, “clap back” strategy for verified Twitterers, “the world is gonna end in twelve years” millennials, ACC: “she’s not stupid, she’s just educated”; Jordan Peterson “that’s wrong!” and Judy Woodruff “huh, fascinating” isos
2:42:04Peterson promises not to “throw people off arbitrarily” from his alternative Patreon
2:44:49Six-Week Cycle: three kids arrested in Greece New York over Islamberg bomb plot; Georgia man Hasher Jallal Taheb arrested after being groomed by FBI for a year; former FBI official Terry Turchie to Tucker Carlson on progressives and socialists in Congress: “one of the missions of the FBI in its counterintelligence efforts was to try and keep these people out of government”