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1105 BOMBSHELL! (2019-01-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s a movie that shouts out to me, don’t watch this movie!” (1:32:50)
0:00:33JCD’s forced Skype upgrade to “a big giant blue screen with AC in the middle”; CD-ROM weights to “reduce wow and flutter”, ACC story: blowing up transmitters with Dire Straits
0:05:21“Impeachment!” compilation prompted by BuzzFeed story that Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, “not accurate” wet blanket from Mueller’s office; David Brooks: “BuzzFeed is a real news organization”, PBS dingbat Ruth Marcus channeling James Comey: “lordy, let there be tapes”, better for Democrats to leave Trump in place for 2020; Lisa Desjardins on “BOMBSHELL!”: “no other news outlet has confirmed the story”
0:18:47“Hellish-looking man” Rep. Jamie Raskin: “we know it’s true because … the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton over telling one lie about one sexual affair”, reference to nonexistent “Nixon impeachment”, JCD: “hey Judy! jump in and tell him that Nixon wasn’t impeached!”, “what Cohen is saying” vs Desjardins’ “BuzzFeed says Cohen was not a source for its story”; Amy Klobuchar grilling William Barr using inside information prior to BuzzFeed story
0:33:06Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis gripes about “President Truth… Trump”; Jeffrey Toobin correctly notes the media appears as “a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president and they’re willing to lie to do it”; PBS sheepishly omits story from next day’s teaser
0:42:20Trump’s speech with immigration reform proposals for “South American miners”; Steve Pieczenik on Pelosi’s fondness for CODEL Congressional Delegations on the taxpayer dime
0:50:4788mm Flash-Ball guns deployed by French police against yellow vest rioters
0:54:19Democratic Republic of Congo candidate Martin Fayulu still making a fuss over his defeat, ebola spreading to Chinese-occupied Goma
0:58:45US-led coup against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro by “Obama clone” Juan Guaidó
1:02:54Producer Segment: JCD’s “— Read This Note” A-B test
1:29:31JCD’s PC Magazine deplatforming over 5G revisited; Alex Jones production meeting discussing cell phone triggers in Sandra Bullock film Bird Box; ACC’s 100W RF burns, microwave penetration of testicles and under eyes, binary suicide triggers; May 2018 CBS This Morning “that’s amazing” report, grudging admission of possibility of link to cancer, “gonna have to upgrade” to new iPhones; Apple first on the block to deplatform Alex Jones; Post-CES RT “it might kill you” report; China investing $400bn in 5G, Democrats all-in on high-tech US-Mexico border, ACC proposes 5G-detecting LED armbands
1:56:26Millennial dingbat on PBS tries to blame failure to apply for EBT license renewal on Trump; no mention of the homeless who don’t vote, JCD on “irrelevant” Untermensch class, millennials convinced they can never get mortgages; “who can’t pass up mac & cheese” at the food bank
2:06:13Donation Segment: Trump’s “send a brick to Nancy and Chuck” campaign
2:20:42iHeartRadio Podcast Awards with Bobby Bones; CBS’ David Pogue on Gimlet Media podcast studios with 120 employees making 24 shows, JCD: “what??
2:32:48Norman Lear Center clearly behind Roswell episode with illegal immigrant who “likes to make milkshakes for tourists dressed like little green men” and illegal ICE checkpoint
2:34:45Protests in Sudan “after the price of bread was tripled”; Lindsey Graham irked about Syria
2:37:18PBS on fragmentation of Women’s March over anti-Semitism; low-energy Tulsi Gabbard
standing in the snow apologizes for years-old LGBBTQQIAAP comments
2:44:52Democracy Now on FBI’s arrest of US citizen and Iranian Press TV journalist Marzieh Hashemi; ACC’s friend Lex unable to secure visa due to previous Iran visit