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1104 People’s Vote (2019-01-17)

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0:00:00JCD: “Don’t take off the Cat Channel!” (2:09:04)
0:00:34JCD’s difficulty procuring sorghum, ACC’s Instapot sorgum recipe
0:03:37Lindsey Graham joking around at Trump’s much-maligned Clemson Tigers fast food extravaganza; MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle theorizes Trump blackmailing Graham; Carl Bernstein: Trump “has helped Putin” destabilize US according to Robert Mueller draft report “I’m told”
0:09:28ACC on Sir Gene’s Gregorian calendar Russian New Year with “1970s Austrian porn” waitress
0:12:15JCD predicts Mueller report MIA for at least a year; ABC’s Jonathan Karl: Mueller report “almost certain to be anti-climatic”; NBC report on Russia with NATO withdrawal whipsaw
0:17:48Freshman House Democrats demanding Republican Senators reopen government; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ career engineered by Justice Democrats PAC; eight-year-old’s “please don’t eat me {Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Alex Jones}!”; ACC on “malleable” Democrats open to pro-nuclear arguments, AOC coming SxSW, paired up with Maxine Waters by Nancy Pelosi
0:29:17BBC telegraphs Brexit vote failure; Parliament gasps at “ayes to the right”, “no, no, no!” voice vote iso; “we can’t have no deal” wrangling with Jeremy Corbyn & Theresa May, Article 50 revocation option; Nigel Farage predicts do-over; Farage promises “second referendum” defiance; Scottish MPs calling for “people’s vote”; UKIP’s Gerard Batten channeling Michael Caine: “there never was going to be a deal, there never is going to be a deal”; Speaker of the House John Bercow on “lamentable” lack of proxy vote for pregnant MP, chews out interrupter
0:55:54Bank run predictions in French yellow vest protest, revolutionary period of 1848
0:59:33Come, get jiddy with other like-minded producers!” at Austin meetup
1:00:37Producer Segment
1:08:58Berlin Station “let me guess, he’s writing a book”, “worse: podcast” (CotD)
1:11:36CNN analyst Areva Martin scolds black radio host David Webb for white privilege; Jamaican/Tamil Kamala Harris appropriates black culture with “mood mix”
1:19:05Christian Bale thanks Satan for helping him channel Dick Cheney at Golden Globes
1:20:19Outrage over Gillette toxic masculinity ad; Marvel mutant superhero drag queen Shade
1:25:42Rep. Steve King still in the crosshairs, New York Times “White Nationalist” vs “white supremacist” capitalization; Seymour Hersh: journalism “going to Hell”
1:35:42Martin Kaplan on Lear Foundation Hollywood Health and Society briefings for writers by female and minority scientists; Kaplan on climate change initiative with JPL field trip, “we are funded largely by the US federal government” and Gates Foundation (BCotD)
1:46:53Israeli Aleph Farms growing laboratory steak, JCD predicts overpriced “save the world taco”
1:51:30Sen. Mazie Hirono denigrates Tulsi Gabbard; attorney general nominee William Barr clueless about technology; CBS “right?” dingbat on #TenYearChallenge selfies and AI training sets; producer note on tweeting Trump minions; Roku deplatforms Alex Jones after three days
2:09:06Donation Segment: blind producer clotheslines idiot on Bird scooter
2:20:09Davis CA police killer convinced of ultrasonic attack, ACC: “crickets”, racist “blue line” flag
2:23:10Boats full of the homeless dumping sewage in Willamette, ACC: “bouncy castles for bums”
2:28:39Nancy Pelosi disinvites Trump from State of the Union, CIA shill Philip Mudd: “political genius”; Trump cancels Pelosi’s trip abroad; FAA & IRS calling back unpaid workers; FUD from National Air Traffic Controllers Association’s Trish Gilbert; John Fletcher “Donald!!
2:37:18Lying CIA stooge Richard Engel on suicide bomber killing four Americans in Syria, “hardly mission accomplished” iso, Mike Pence “the Caliphate has crumbled”