Call Clooney!

1103 Act IX (2019-01-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I never thought about it much but I think you might be right!” (1:45:38)
0:00:38Trump “lashed out” meme applied to Bill McRaven comment “wouldn’t it have been nice if we got Osama bin Laden a lot sooner than that?” to aghast Chris Wallace; idiot Wallace unable to understand Trump’s careful explanation of fake news as enemy of the people
0:10:09ACC tries out NewsGuard browser extension which throws up a red shield and exclamation mark for InfoWars, “nutrition label” meme, thumbs-up for CNN, submitted for review, Tom Ridge and Michael Hayden on advisory board, funding from Publicis Groupe for “brand safety”, ACC: “this is against independents” like Breitbart
0:23:05Slashdot debate over freedom of speech for internet bots; India cracking down on “unlawful content” like maps of Pakistan; “victory” for Sandy Hook families against Alex Jones
0:29:13KUSI on CNN’s refusal to air its story about effectiveness of border wall; Rep. Pramila Jayapal: border wall is “fundamentally existential” to Trump who is intent on “shutting down every form of legal immigration”; previous proposal shot down by Democrats over chain migration; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ hieleras “iceboxes”; mash-up of Trump and Obama sending the same message on immigration; ACC irked by disappearance of RSS feeds; producer note on AOC’s origin near Clinton mansion in Chappaqua
0:43:23Julian Castro announces his candidacy for 2020; media smear campaign against Tulsi Gabbard, “no way I could stay home” from Iraq, douchebag Van Jones reacts to her announcement with “I got the ratings!”; Obama’s crucial 2004 speech, JCD: Gavin Newsom “sooo white!”; Gabbard rehearses “love gives us strength” convention speech, Van Jones botches MLK quote
0:58:46Ebola forgotten in Democratic Republic of Congo, winner Felix Tshisekedi’s power-sharing scheme, ExxonMobil shill Martin Fayulu appealing election results, ebola case in Sweden
1:03:56Producer Segment: JCD’s wine mailing list
1:16:46Sexual Harassment Update: Bernie Sanders apologizes for campaign sexual harassment
1:18:44New York Times story on FBI investigating Trump as Russian “asset”; JMD and fiancé witness TSA staff singing folk songs; CBS on one-time bonuses to TSA during government shutdown and Trump “tweetstorm” over FBI story, Mike Pompeo “absolutely ludicrous” whipsaw, six-month extension to Robert Mueller grand jury; JCD on the inner workings of grand juries
1:33:51Democracy Now lies: Rep. Steve King “defended white supremacy”, NBC airs his actual “how did that language become offensive?” quote; ACC’s NewsGuarded Google results
1:40:05University of California Davis list of “words that hurt” including “ghetto” and “illegal alien”
1:50:06Experian Boost and UltraFICO programs for spying on the slaves’ banking information; defunct “Klout Score” social media reputation, JCD proposes “Kreep Score”
1:57:43Donation Segment: Rite Aid in danger of delisting; Texas meetup details established
2:10:19“Act IX” of French gilets jaunes yellow vest protests, protestors blaming “far left and far right groups” for violence; EU Copyright Directive Article 13’s attack on fair use
2:18:48“Vespa-esque” OjO Electric scooters; Lime suspends service after “glitch” sends riders flying
2:23:36Nicolás Maduro gripes about US imperialism in light of refusal to recognize election; original report on sonic weapon crickets causing brain damage in Cuba diplomatic staff
2:29:26Earth’s magnetic field shifting at faster rate than normal, prospects for a “flip”; BBC all-in on bug-based pet food; Democracy Now hysteria about oceans warming 40% faster than predicted
2:36:32William Arkin on FBI’s “deplorable record”, replacement of military industrial complex with “much more insidious … information complex” with the likes of Amazon