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1102 Killer Crickets (2019-01-10)

Show 1102 album art
0:00:00ACC: “No one ever listens to my advice!”
0:00:33CES Computer Electronics Show all-in on 5G for self-driving cars: “enables them to be warned about objects that their lasers and radar and cameras might not catch”, Ford’s “cellular vehicle to everything technology”, JCD on yearly CES themes like talking tubes; $7,000 Alexa-enabled smart toilet; Widex hearing aids with “energy cells” needing daily recharge, JCD: “junk show”
0:14:34Trump’s egregious lie “when I took the oath of office I swore to protect our country”, CNN all-in on real-time fact checking, “Nancy and Schumer show” with They Live makeup jobs
0:21:30William Arkin to Democracy Now on leaving NBC in disgust, Amy Goodman irked by “making fun of the President” comment, John Brennan putting NBC at “spook parity” with CNN
0:35:15College Reform video of student reactions to Democrats’ illegal immigration quotes; JCD on Ross Perot’s diagrams; Trump “if there’s a concrete wall in front of you” graduation speech
0:41:21ACC’s theory that “Huma Abedin lookalike” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be a Hillary minion; AOC recites talking points for Rachel Maddow: “everyday immigrants commit crimes at a far lower rate than native born Americans” lie, Trump’s “racist and violent rhetoric”, “people started to send themselves home”, illegal immigrants “the people who prepare our food”, conflation of immigrants and illegal aliens, hieleras “freezing boxes” and “moreover”
1:00:57Whoopi Goldberg urges AOC to “learn the job!” and “stop poopin’ on people” on The View; Cher and Trevor Noah urging Democrats to back off lest Trump touch off something big
1:05:00Producer Segment: ACC to be enshrined in Computer History Museum
1:22:48Golden Globes Mo√ęt “Safeway wine”, “equity” talking point, “flu shots!” Rite Aid native ad
1:27:45Brexit: The Uncivil War “devised” based on true events, wailing and gnashing of teeth at Remain Campaign focus group, last word on screen “Trump”; Parliament prohibits spending on no-deal Brexit, speculation about Article 50 extension, three-day window for plan B; Theresa May on Labour pushing for second referendum, lame “enemy of the good” slogan; MP Anna Soubry subjected to “Soubry is a Nazi!” chant; ACC on the Queen’s “ultimate white privilege”
1:42:41Democratic Republic of Congo elects “odd jobs in Brussels” Felix Tshisekedi
1:45:00Singer R. Kelly investigated for sexual assault; second young black man found dead of drug overdose at home of Democrat fundraiser Ed Buck, neighbor’s “both boys that died, both men that have died” flub; Alan Dershowitz on Jeffrey Epstein and feud with David Boies, “prominent people in handcuffs” when e-mails are released; “Hollywood Whackers” revisited
1:55:29Producer note on Wells Fargo outsourcing 25% of workforce to India
1:58:16Scientists conclude brain damage in Havana embassy personnel caused by crickets
2:04:0960 Minutes frets about the dangers of driving while “very high” on medical marijuana, JCD on grimy Ford Escorts going 15 mph; Baltimore police arrest road rage shooter “Doo Doo Butt” (CotD); Seattle City Council members in New York warning about Amazon HQ2
2:11:07Donation Segment: Amy Goodman producer a No Agenda listener; Sir Chris goat luge
2:23:31ACC’s yellow vest survival package from Sir Gene, Russian New Year invitation; Emmanuel Macron threatens hooligan blacklist; Harrison Bergeron with Christopher Plummer; activist Angela Davis disinvited to Birmingham Civil Rights Institute event over criticism of Israel
2:30:42Democracy Now on Gavin Newsom’s extension of Obamacare to illegal aliens as old as 26
2:32:0964-meter fatberg in Sidmouth Devon UK blamed on sanitary wipes
2:34:21Sharyl Attkisson on vaccine-autism link covered up by Justice Department, Robert Kennedy Jr. “who has a voice condition”; $18 of $30bn spent by big pharma on marketing for doctors