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1100 Flash Meetup (2019-01-03)

Show 1100 album art
0:00:00ACC: “You are the gadfly of Silicon Valley.” (0:47:28)
0:00:33JCD’s Christmas verjuice, ACC: “I should’ve read the book”; ACC’s Surface Go rebuild saga
0:05:41YouTube compilation of the day Dutch people launch fireworks out of their ass cheeks, calcium carbide milk can cannons, Scheveningen wooden pallet “firenado”; Emmanuel Macron’s New Year address casts yellow vests as hating “journalists, Jews, foreigners, homosexuals”
0:10:08US Strategic Command deletes tasteless B-2 bomber tweet; drunk Anderson Cooper gay jokes; NBC “vaginal steaming” train wreck with Carson Daly & Chrissy Teigen; Chongqing China front and center in Times Square, “make more Chinese friends in this global age in the global village!”, official barks Chinese message, JCD: “kill whitey”; Jair Bolsonaro’s trade deals
0:22:112005 CBS report on Rumsfeld’s missing trillions, accounting whistleblower Jim Minnery; Rep. Cynthia McKinney grilling Rumsfeld about $20bn per year spent on legacy accounting systems
0:29:21Yale’s Bruce Ackerman on anti-Trump op-ed by Mitt Romney; Democracy Now on Romney’s accusation Trump has not risen to “mantle”; Romney at debate promising no tax cuts, “people come and go into our various countries”, worried Turkey might “slaughter our allies” in Syria
0:38:26Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vs Nancy Pelosi on select committee and “cut-go” vs “pay-go” rules
0:42:13China threatening use of “all necessary measures” for reunification with Taiwan; JCD’s custom-made shirts from Korea and Taiwan with CD pocket; No Agenda deplatformed in China; IMGE study finds right-leaning e-mails more likely to be sent to spam by providers, ACC on having to pay whitelisters at Mevio, latest Newsletter sent to promotions, “Trump sucks test”
0:53:27JCD on early computer clubs and printer drivers; Chaos Computer Club presentation on Android apps like Kayak phoning home to Facebook; AncestryDNA license agreement
1:03:20Amy Goodman flub “it’s dway twelve of the government shutdown”
1:04:09Producer Segment: upcoming Berkeley “flash meetup”
1:24:36Soros Mastercard giveaway to migrant caravan, pressure on Patreon to ban Sargon of Akkad; Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin on their proposed Patreon alternative, “hateful organization” SPLC, right-wing adoption of deplatforming, JCD on right-wing religious pressure groups that perfected the technique years ago, flak over .xxx; Skype hate speech ban in terms of service; Waymo self-driving cars being vandalized in Arizona; ICEing campaign blocking Tesla chargers with pickup trucks; Blackwater’s Erik Prince launches electric car metals fund
1:43:52NPR traces “woke” to 1962; Jill Abramson’s forthcoming book criticizes New York Times’ “woke” staff for anti-Trump bias; LA Times cyberattack purported to be sophisticated Ryuk ransomware from North Korea; ACC’s backup and drive cloning regimen; Netflix interactive movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch scene with computer cassette tape audio easter egg
1:56:10Silly Jeanne Moos piece on modern-day witches’ objections to Trump’s “witch hunt”; Trump on Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 prospects: “you’d have to ask her psychiatrist”; Democracy Now on Warren’s visit to Iowa; ridicule for phony Instagram “get me a beer” video
2:01:46Google Assistant donation capabilities, JCD on Google’s unusable PayPal alternative
2:03:08Donation Segment
2:21:19Unglued Alex Jones “God fucking damn them to Hell!!”; Trump’s “little glitch” in the markets
2:26:35Whatever Happened To jingle, fat people killing the planet in 2009; Chuck Todd introduces Meet the Press climate change special: “the science is settled even if political opinion is not”
2:31:01Jeff Zucker to David Axelrod’s podcast on Today Show all-in on Ross Perot, recognition of Donald Trump’s appeal, avoids admitting CNN election coverage was pure entertainment