Call Clooney!

10 No Agenda 010 (2007-12-29)

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0:00:24ACC’s Netherlands trip; Cliveden House dinner, 1953 Ch√Ęteau Latour plan torpedoed; JCD recommends 1995 Bordeaux
0:05:13Benazir Bhutto assassination theories
0:09:25Message from “our listener” on “Ike Turner Beats Tina to Death” headline
0:11:31Upcoming Apple pen-based tablet, light pen Newton-era patent
0:13:41Columbus police entrap firefighter with topless sunbather in park, 300 arrests by transit police leaving valuables in stations, ACC: “I’ll be seeing him at secondary screening”; JCD on football pass interference “entrapment”, “pre-crime”; ACC NYC first responders 9/11 theory
0:23:43JCD traces nautical term “by and large” to 1866; JCD Skype woes, possible daily show, ACC “fuck” drinking game, reverse-chronological snippet stream, “participation broadcasting”
0:41:15ACC’s Ron Paul endorsement video on Dutch TV
0:41:51Upcoming British airlines strikes; Letterman cuts deal with writers for restart
0:43:48JCD on son’s phony Ron Paul theory, Mimi “hates” him, predicts McCain; crazy Bush martial law theories, Nixon emperor theories, ACC on people “jacked into the matrix”
0:51:47ACC predicts Paris Hilton crash over reaction to Barron Hilton charity announcement, JCD: “this sounds like a theme for the show, to track down the BS behind this whole thing and what the truth is”