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109 Forced Vaccinations (2009-07-02)

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0:00:38ACC “love nest” location identified by Dutch tabloids, CDC “forced vaccinations”; moving furniture with cage fighters, JCD on MMA history looking for best martial art, groin-pounding, Greco-Roman wrestling vs karate
0:10:35Greenhouse gas bill labeling requirements; US withdrawal from Iraqi cities, BP and China to develop Rumaila Oil Field, NYT spares Obama “mission accomplished” embarrassment
0:13:57Scripted Obama town hall meetings, Robert Gibbs tries to dodge grilling about question selection and “open forum”, “e-mail on Facebook and Twitter”, Helen Thomas on “pattern of controlling the press”; Henry Waxman collapses with “the vapors”, embarrassing Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary on steroid use in sports; JCD all-in on hearing protection, free earplugs in bars; JCD’s overheard Silicon Valley “when you’re trying to make money, it’s almost counterintuitive to be groundbreaking”
0:28:34#AirlinerWars, Boeing 787 Dreamliner delay, only survivor of Yemenia 626 crash reports “huge electric shock”; Midwest Business article on danger of North Korean EMP attack, smart grid for EMP protection, EMP use in Iraq
0:36:49ACC on impending “forced vaccinations” plus GMO potatoes; Dutch Finance Minister Wouter Bos and ABN AMRO bailout; 600M swine flu vaccine doses for US
0:39:32National Vaccine Information Center’s Barbara Loe Fisher on WHO & CDC warning “to worry a lot” about “new swine flu”, calls to “give American children the first doses of experimental swine flu vaccines in the school setting”, DHS “code red warning” parallel, FDA emergency powers, experimental vaccines “that may include whole live or killed or genetically engineered human and animal viruses”, “oil-based adjuvants that manipulate the immune system to boost the vaccine’s potency”, “legislation that will allow state officials to enter homes and businesses without the consent of occupants, to investigate and quarantine individuals without their consent, to require licensed healthcare providers to give citizens vaccines, and to ban the free assembly of citizens in the state”; NVIC vaccine harassment reporting form
0:55:19H3N8 dog flu vaccine; forced vaccination constitutionality and Arkansas Health Department
1:00:10And Now Back to Real News: Gordon Ramsey profits down 87%
1:01:16Aviation rule changes; JCD on “edge” streaming technology killing routers
1:04:05Arkansas Health Department caller’s questions about vaccination refusal forms, legal counsel on religious & medical exemptions, “that’s constitutional, there’s no doubt about it”, “it also could affect everyone that you come into contact with”