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1099 Wobama (2018-12-30)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ohhh, okay, uhhmggnih! Mih! (0:19:45)
0:00:36“B guest” Michael Moore with Chris Hayes for an hour, everyone else on vacation
0:02:18Democratic Republic of Congo election delays in opposition strongholds Beni, Butembo, and Yumbi, leader Martin Fayulu a former ExxonMobil executive; cobalt “strategic substance” with royalty hike; human rights alarm over primitive “artisanal miners”, JCD: “small batch!”
0:13:06JCD blames microservices architecture for CenturyLink 911 service outage, company spokeshole: “this was a technical glitch” (ACCPPotD); “Ning” Nginx MSA vs ACC’s IPFS success
0:22:10NBC’s chubby Hallie Jackson goes full throttle on 2020 election preparations, clip of Biden blathering about Trump; Beto O’Rourke signs still in Austin, JCD “reminded of Pia Zadora”, white Obama “Wobama”; Hillary MIA for six weeks due to being blackballed by media
0:35:39McClatchy’s Greg Gordon to Joy Reid on Michael Cohen’s cell phone showing up in Prague: “some of the sources have government sources”, Steele dossier guffaw, Reid’s strange “Ada in Prague situation”, pathetic “it is a competitive business” excuse for lack of corroboration
0:46:22Whatever Happened To: 2015 WHO warning about deadly processed meat; Public Health England all-in on vaping, ACC on Johnny Player Specials; ride sharing operations buying into scooters, defunct Chinese bike sharing; “some vandal” in Austin bending Bird brakes
1:01:23Producer Segment: “hands clapping, thumbs up” iso; JCD all-in on Noteworthy font
1:23:25Democracy Now on new trial for Black Panther and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal
1:31:03Washington Post admits evidence of Jamal Khashoggi taking direction from Qatar Foundation
1:33:35Democracy Now on Sudan riots sparked by code phrase “sharp rise in the price of bread”
1:37:09Droning On podcast connects Gatwick Airport drone scare with 50.1% acquisition by Vinci
1:40:22King Salman reshuffles Mohammad bin Salman’s cabinet adding more MBS loyalists
1:42:50Trump administration “stock whispers” markets up, soybean and rice deals with China, intellectual property theft and 殺雞警猴 “kill the chicken to scare the monkeys” proverb; NBC propaganda on Cummins diesel engine manufacturer: “there are not foundries that operate in the US” lie, employee “if we don’t have globalization we don’t have no growth, right?”, company “caught in the President’s trade war”, “segue of the year” to Hallie Jackson “another painful reality we saw play out this year, a record number of school shootings”
1:53:37“Bombshell” report on Parkland FL caught flat-footed by school shooting, new surveillance video of shooter warning student, CNN ignores draft report recommending arming teachers
1:58:01Davos World Economic Forum “Globalization 4.0”, gobbledygook buzzword “plurilateralism”; Angela Merkel: nations must “be prepared to give up their sovereignty”; Rep. Michael Burgess: illegal immigrants can “simply melt through the fence”, ACC: “they’re shapeshifters, John!”
2:05:17Oldest US WWII veteran dead at 112 after lifetime of whiskey and cigars
2:06:13Donation Segment
2:16:55Democracy Now casts Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration as Khashoggi memorial
2:18:39Sin of transgender “dead naming”; howling meltdown over being “misgendered”, “call corporate” meme; Georgia vape shop employee has a shrieking “fuck off!!” reaction to visitor in Trump regalia; UW Madison professor Stepha Velednitsky lectures school board about “the connection between white liberalism and white supremacy” to finger snapping applause, lawn mowing as white supremacy; Vice YouTube series of abused children telling off-color jokes
2:36:13LA Times cyberattack from abroad; Hallie Jackson: Trump “politicizing” border deaths
2:39:16On-demand dog walking businesses like Wag relying on mandatory arbitration agreements