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1098 Climate Grief (2018-12-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “Al Gore’s the worst, he’s a demon.” (1:57:51)
0:00:35JCD’s surprise TWiT appearance as “pathway to promoting some upcoming books”, ACC gripes about term “regular people”; Newsletter collection of shocking 1980s computer ads
0:06:33Trump excoriated for long-awaited surprise visit to Iraq; Steve Pieczenik on Trump’s “idealization and realization” trait toward his minions, Mulvaney gone by 2020, technologically sophisticated “cyber, satellites, and missiles” Patrick Shanahan
0:11:45NBC on Russia’s “invulnerable” hypersonic ICBM, “game-changing technology”, JCD’s on 1980s origin and Hypergrowth book; Amazon working on GSA’s NDAA acquisition platform
0:18:042011 retrospective on reactions to Afghanistan withdrawal, “many Democrats wanted Barack Obama to go much further, and are still hoping the drawdown will only accelerate”
0:22:372010 fractal of Tunisian protests on heels of journalist’s self-immolation
0:25:31PBS mentions Congo election delays in passing, Agence France-Presse on Antonov 26 crash killing election commission members; Chinese creditors to take over main Kenyan port
0:31:57Wes Clark “very concerned” about Syria pullout, “did Erdoğan blackmail the President, was there a payoff or something?”, “not reliable” meme, “all that is in accordance with the way it should be” Freudian slip, JCD on Mattis’ position on Theranos board, single man with Napoleon complex; WaPo on Syrian political executions; Polish deal for US natural gas
0:42:40M5M turning attention to “Bernie, Biden, Beto” and Kamala Harris for 2020, delusional John Kasich, reluctant Oprah and Tom Hanks, “no one wants Hillary” lie; Rand Paul’s professionally-written joke tweets; Kirsten Gillibrand “I do believe” mantra for Van Jones, “block you grew up on” meme, ACC: “my sister was born in Uganda!”, “debt-free college”
0:55:00Trump “buy the dip” tweet after Plunge Protection Team activation, high-speed trading as “algorithmic amplification” fractal; Rick Santelli blathers about propped-up markets
1:02:00Producer Segment: Twitter selfie thread; “John Dvorak” characterizing hackers in the 1980s
1:28:21ACC’s experiments with IPFS InterPlanetary File System for podcast distribution
1:33:38NBC on Gatwick Airport shutdown over drone sighting, “drone hunter” at Utah airport, Israeli Drone Dome countermeasure, two men unamused at being falsely arrested, ACC: UFO
1:40:01Netflix e-mail scam; Andrew Horowitz’ father-in-law caught by Tijuana prison gift card scam
1:46:3715-year-old Greta Thunberg at COP24; NBC on “climate grief” over impending “climate catastrophe” in vocal frying college student, Good Grief Network “10 Steps to Psychosocial Resilience”, “five: feel my feelings … nine: show up” (CotD); dangers of early steam and nuclear power, The China Syndrome immediately followed by Three Mile Island incident
2:03:04Whatever Happened To: 2015 cancer charity fraud, Wall Street currency manipulation
2:05:39New York Magazine “How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Turns Out, a Lot of It, Actually”
2:07:20Donation Segment: giftwrap artistry by Mimi & JMD
2:18:07Flu vaccine champion former Sen. Jose Peralta dead of sepsis after receiving flu shot
2:19:09Voice of America caught violating Smith-Mundt Act with Facebag advertising
2:21:28Democracy Now on Patrick Shanahan’s work for “US weapons manufacturer” Boeing; downturn numerology from mathematically-challenged economist Richard Wolff, “and such”
2:28:19Dogs Are People Too: UK banning puppies and kittens from pet shops; ACC’s “hair and dog piss” apartment, Ford adding to 9,000 electric scooters, scooter throwing and wire clipping
2:35:55Japan to resume commercial whaling; EU single-use plastic ban ignoring Africa as source
2:39:30Blizzards in Midwest US and possible tornadoes in Southwest, no mention of climate change