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1097 Two-way Sword (2018-12-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh, okay, now we’ll go and march!” (2:03:01)
0:00:33Less Zephyr for the new year, JCD’s complaints back in the day over 3:00 am train horns
0:01:48Ebola-harboring voting machines for Democratic Republic of Congo, Nikki Haley: “the US has no appetite to support an electronic voting system”, 7,000 machines burned in Kinshasa
0:08:30JCD favors Joan Larsen over Any Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on account of annoying nasal helium voice, fake conservative David Souter, Larsen on judicial independence, “too many Catholics” vs Larsen’s mystery religion, doofus husband with goatee and bow tie
0:21:35James Mattis resignation on heels of outrage over Trump’s Syria exit, JCD: Democrats “all warmongers”; stammering Nicolle Wallace: “I’m cheered if you’re telling me that the military doesn’t listen to him”; Fox’ Brian Kilmeade to Sarah Sanders: Trump “just refounded ISIS”; Mattis mocked for “fun to shoot some people” in 2016, rumors of 2020 run, Mark Milley vs David Goldfein; PBS on unfriendly resignation letter; no mention of failed Pentagon audit
0:30:42Leon Panetta laments to unhinged Trump hater Judy Woodruff, CFR President Richard Haass: “we have shredded our reputation for reliability and dependability”; Ron Paul on ending “dumb” war; NewsHour on Erdoğan agreeing to take over fight with ISIS and leave Kurds alone; Blackwater “we are coming” ad in RECOIL magazine; iOS update addressing Turkish “connectivity issue” vs Erdoğan’s threatened iPhone boycott, $11bn deal for US arms
0:46:34Jeffrey Toobin: Anne Coulter “driving the federal government at this point, God help us” on Trump’s border wall strategy; stammering Mark Shields blames Limbaugh & Coulter; Michael Savage deplatformed in New York and replaced by never-Trump Hollywood shill Ben Shapiro
0:58:32WaPo’s Michael Gerson to NewsHour on Trump changing border wall position “like a puppet on a string”; Mazie Hirono’s Fox crazies meme, blame for Democrats “such bullshit”
1:03:58Producer Segment: “you’ve got shawarma” and Christmas donation jingles
1:23:32AT&T 5GE “5G Evolution”; Dr. Sharon Goldberg on dangers of wireless radiation: “clear evidence of cancer”, diabetes, and mental health; JCD on asbestos “two-way sword” parallel
1:32:46ACC on obnoxious “creator” and “creatives” designations, decentralized ActivityPub ignored by M5M; latest victim “Sargon of Akkad” Carl Benjamin deplatformed over “white nigger” comment, ACC on Patreon as non-platform, JCD on podcasting conferences pushing Patreon; Benjamin on VidCon 2017 “garbage human” tiff with Anita Sarkeesian; Patreon boycott
1:51:32New Knowledge CEO Jonathon Morgan’s Facebook account suspended over election meddling; teens weigh in on non-use of Facebook and spying; facial recognition by smart doorbells
1:56:35Triggered Maxine Waters chews out Committee chair for interrupting her
1:58:54Euronews propaganda voiceover contradicted by video of French yellow vest mayhem; Portuguese roads blocked by perpetual pedestrian crossings
2:03:37Trump “nobody … more than me” medley; one-show Rachel Maddow “Russia” compilation
2:07:04Donation Segment
2:16:32Malcolm Nance on Russian election interference: IRA “memes and tropes”, “they now own the mindset of one third of this nation”, promoting Russia-hating John Birch Society, Brian Williams: “scary stuff, but it needs to be said, needs to be heard”
2:25:18Grandstanding Luis Gutierrez compares Trump to King Herod while grilling Kirstjen Nielsen and then buggers off; CNN spook Samantha Vinograd on tunnels defeating border walls, State Department experts to be “furlewed”; ACC on Kaczynski’s Anti-Tech Revolution and wall’s unintended consequences, JCD on LA residents not all-in on Elon Musk’s tunnel complexes