Call Clooney!

1096 Algorithmic Amplification (2018-12-20)

Show 1096 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Oh no, Spuzzum’s in trouble!” (2:22:11)
0:00:34JCD’s homemade sauerkraut; artwork word clouds
0:02:18Leaked report by Austin-based New Knowledge Tactics and Tropes of the Internet Research Agency, NPR: Instagram “a huge part of Russia’s efforts online” with @blackstagram__ account, ACC on bogus engagement numbers; investor Lux Capital connected with James Woolsey and the usual suspects, 3M black Americans who reelected Obama dissuaded from voting; NPR moron seems to think African-Americans got voting rights in the 1980s
0:18:50New Knowledge’s State Department precursor Data for Democracy, executive Renee DiResta to Kara Swisher: “there is social listening”, “the conspiracy theorists were relying on these new algorithmic amplification megaphones”, co-founder Jonathon Morgan’s alt-right fearmongering before election; New York Times on Alabama special election experiment by “Democratic tech experts” including Morgan, “likely too small to have a significant effect on the race”
0:33:51Sidney Powell on scandal of Comey’s FISA data leak; Washington Post’s Greg Miller on impossibility of verifying Steele dossier details; ACC: journalism “invalid occupation”
0:40:47Nigel Farage on EU do-overs; Andrea Leadsom Freudian slip: “we will head for no Brexit… no deal, in March 2019”; Euronews predicts violence over “hard border” between Ireland and Northern Ireland; trailer for HBO’s Brexit with Benedict Cumberbatch; Theresa May: “if she looks carefully, I think she’ll see that I’m not capable of a parliamentary ejaculation” (CotD)
0:50:35Democracy Now on Michael Flynn sentencing delay for more Trump dirt; Flynn and Killing Ed documentary, Turkish Foreign Minister: Andrew Brunson a CIA agent; Trump declares “we won!” in Syria; Holly Williams: withdrawal could “open the door to Turkey”, danger of projecting image that US “cannot be counted on to stand by its partners”
1:05:43Producer Segment: JCD’s meeting with the creator of SquirrelMail
1:37:20Financial Times Person of the Year George Soros
1:38:09Advertisers jumping ship on Tucker Carlson over out-of-context immigration comment; Jordan Peterson’s Patreon alternative distraction, ACC’s Mastodon SJW encounters
1:47:55Democracy Now on latest Facebag information giveaway, JCD’s PC Magazine deplatforming; content reviewers getting “okay Google” audio; JCD story: Radio Shack scanner mod for snooping on cell phone calls with mistresses, drug dealers, and gay “bear dad” conversation
1:55:56Ebola reaches DRC mineral capital North Kivu, Africa-EU Partnership population swap
2:02:19Veteran Brian Kolfage raises $5.7M from GoFundMe “We The People Will Fund The Wall”
2:03:43Donation Segment
2:13:46Racist Canadian police administering breathalyzer tests without probable cause, ACC predicts mandatory interlock devices; Juncker the Drunker falls on his ass again; yellow vests in Belgium
2:19:15CBC on Trump Foundation shutdown; Canada Post service restored “except in Vancouver”
2:22:16O’Hare TSA rolling out 3D imagers to allow liquids; Gayle King test drives Elon Musk’s prototype Los Angeles tunnel, Bloomberg Business News “razzle-dazzle” report by Sarah McBride
2:33:42Sandy Hook Promise PSA for school shooting snitch app
2:37:31Twitter compromised after “unusual traffic” from China and Saudi Arabia
2:38:12Borderline Bar shooter’s doctor Dzung Pham arrested on narcotics charges; Democracy Now on ban on bump stocks “which turn semiautomatic rifles … into fully-automatic machine guns”
2:44:21California “noctilucent cloud” and “scrubbed” Vandenburg launch, Newsletter rocket explosion photos; “electric spike” from China-Russia weather modification experiments in Summer 2018