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1094 Justice 4 Hillary (2018-12-13)

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0:00:00ACC: (Untransliteratable) (1:38:31)
0:00:35Apple’s proposed $1bn non-technology Austin campus; next stop for ACC “Dripping Springs”
0:04:40Showdown between Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer interpreted as win by each dimension, CBS on Trump’s “attempt at joke” calling the border wall easy, Pelosi’s “Trump shutdown”, douchebag Schumer: “when the President brags that he won North Dakota and Indiana, he’s in real trouble”, Trump irks Pelosi with “it’s not easy for her to talk right now”, “I am proud to shut down the government for border security”, Pelosi’s “tinkle contest” and “manhood thing” insults from anonymous sources, Jeff Glor “just remarkable” iso; chaotic BBC talking points mix; JCD proposes “Mexico’s going to pay for it” talking point, ACC: “electrify the fence”
0:17:27MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle tossed out for seizing ceremonial mace, “ordah, put it back, no no!
0:20:08Pardon the Interruption podcast hysteria over Steph Curry’s moon landing skepticism: “does that mean you don’t believe in slavery??”, “very small step to becoming a Holocaust denier”
0:23:37Autistic Swedish girl Greta Thunberg’s meme roster for UN Climate Summit; Sunrise movement colocated with Soros-funded Climate Action Network, cofounder Jeremy Ornstein’s Hungarian grandmother’s memoir; Justin Trudeau belabors “putting a price on pollution”
0:39:37French police using incapacitating “secret weapon” on protesters; Democracy Now on new Arctic warming report, JCD on Greenland vs Iceland, ACC story: 52 states at Dutch school
0:45:39Sundar Pichai to Rep. Jerry Nadler on $4,700 in Russian 2016 election advertising, explanation for Zoe Lofgren on Trump photos in “idiot” search results, JCD’s “woman in Vancouver who wants to meet me, and she’s also in Berkeley!”, Pichai to Bob Goodlatte on ad rates for competing political campaigns, Sheila Jackson Lee gripes about China operation, Jim Jordan nails Pichai with executive Eliana Murillo’s Latino vote efforts, Louie Gohmert questions SPLC as “trusted flagger”; Snopes fact checkers irked at Facebook for ignoring them
1:02:24Producer Segment: AOC “moon shot” art passed over; JCD’s fake wall socket stickers
1:31:29ACC on deplatforming for Twitter checkmark holders, “I’m an NPC”; NPR COO Bryan Moffett on RAD Remote Audio Data technology to spy on podcast listeners, “we’re not worried about who listened to it”, focus on “distribution deals”, JCD on South Asian click farms
1:45:20Michael Bloomberg ponders 2020 run on The View; near-empty venues for Clinton tour vs Michelle Obama headed to the Netherlands; JCD’s “justice for Hillary” Newsletter essay
1:49:27Time person of the year quartet of dead journalists including non-journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Georgetown Prof. Chris Chambers: “the minute somebody puts a bullet in your head, you’re probably a journalist”; Sibel Edmonds placing suspicion on Muslim Brotherhood in Qatar, elusive fiancée a “honeypot”; Spot the Spook: Khashoggi’s Washington Post “recruiter” Karen Attiah nervously excoriates Trump, desire for “International Herald Tribune for the Arab world”, “it is poetic and is fitting that this’d be the last column that I’d write for… ah, edit for him”; Justin Trudeau on G20 meeting with MBS and arms sales to country with “different levels of defense of human rights”, refuses to comment on nonexistent Khashoggi “tape”
2:13:00Crackpot podcast on Hillary Clinton’s treasonous Stinger missile deal with Libya
2:17:27Donation Segment: Michigan Local One’s unappetizing fortune cookies
2:37:55Child sexual abuse by Dr. Reginald Archibald at Rockefeller University Hospital; note from “official No Agenda tranny” on goal of a normal life over identity politics as an oppressed class
2:46:07Theresa May slips up: Brexit deal “negotiated on behalf of the Eur… of the United Kingdom”
2:47:52ACC OTG: teens and college students now sending text messages in their sleep