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1093 Right Puberty (2018-12-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “It’s a cavalcade cascade of deplatforming!” (2:12:43)
0:00:36JCD reading “the trades” on Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa’s popular SNL appearance
0:02:32M5M crosses into unwatchabity with Michael Cohen sentencing à la MH370; delusional David Brooks predicts Manafort in jail “for the rest of his life”, Trump “maybe not serving out the term”; Dutch media regurgitating MSNBC “Trimp!” talking points; John Edwards’ $1M in illegal contributions; James Comey’s 250 “I can’t recall”s and one “yep” to House committee
0:11:17Replacement Attorney General pick ex-CIA Bill Barr; Fox Business News’ Gregg Jarrett’s Clinton-era “gravitas” meme, “Barr is not that guy” to go after DoJ; Toner Prize recipient Yamiche Alcindor on Barr’s bona fides and Iran Contra role, interest in Uranium One
0:20:08JCD compares Pluto TV on Roku to “unrelenting crap” XFinity Stream, few outlets covering French riots, LARPers grabbing iPhones and golf clubs, Le Parisien’s Russian influence theory
0:27:10The Intercept podcast on virtues of Green New Deal including “beautiful, affordable, rent-controlled public housing”, climate “sort of baking us all”; Sunrise movement’s Varshini Prakash on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Select Committee proposal, “millions of good jobs”, JCD: “name one!”; ten-year plan for 100% renewable energy and “smart grid”, “massive!” meme, “new public banks can be created”; fizzled $150bn Obama-era Green New Deal
0:44:04Green New Deal town hall with Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, millennial gripes about flooding in Florida, “then I went to college”, AOC’s “bath or razor blades” voice, ironic critique of Republicans for “inciting fear”, “economic, social, and racial justice”, Depression-era US “so poor, so scarce” delusion, JCD: FDR’s New Deal “didn’t even work”, “we’re gonna fix all the pipes in Flint”, crocodile tears from disgraced Obama Czar Van Jones, “I had to resign under fire” lie, AOC claims jurisdiction over energy infrastructure such as “battery grids”
1:11:55Producer note on depression epidemic among millennials, unhinged Trump-hating professors
1:15:19Producer Segment: Put Another Prawn on the Barbie song; Newsletter animated GIFs
1:35:13Nayirah al-Ṣabaḥ’s babies in incubators testimony with driving in desert sand; The Intercepted podcast by Amy Goodman protégé Jeremy Scahill dismembering George H.W. Bush
1:37:24Yamiche Alcindor on Heather Nauert’s bona fides for UN, Judy Woodruff’s petty “no significant diplomatic experience”; Joint Chiefs candidate Gen. Mark Milley’s dentures vs baguette, Milley’s “world order” revisited; RT’s Murad Gazdiev mocks “new American age”
1:54:45ACC on Green New Deal killing petrodollar; Arnold Schwarzenegger laments “meshugana leader” and inability prevent use of fossil fuels as Terminator, JCD: “we’d all be living in mud huts”; PBS on record high carbon emissions; “reptile guy” Sir Gene laments insufficient CO2
2:01:08Milo Yiannopoulos deplatformed from Patreon for “past association with the Proud Boys”, lying CEO Jack Conte to his “creators”: “you just don’t have to worry about this shit!”; ACC in Pope Tim Cook’s power to strong-arm app developers into deplatforming conservatives; producer note on deus ex machina saving mass murderer Medea in the play by Euripides
2:15:14Donation Segment: Thomas Nussbaum’s military psyops decoration
2:23:56And Now Back to Real News: Kevin Hart steps down as Oscars host, “my son’s first gay moment” routine; Dr. Johanna Olson on research into transgender youth: “it’s much easier if we can halt their puberty early on in the process … and then put ‘em through the right puberty that corresponds to their brain” (CotD); Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade in jeopardy
2:33:10Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou arrested, JCD: deep state meddling, Huawei’s sleazy practices
2:37:21NBC hit piece on CBS 60 Minutes creator Don Hewitt’s sexual harassment settlements