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1091 Surf n Turf (2018-12-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “Bang bang bang bang bang bang!” (1:13:37)
0:00:34ACC in “Geery” Indiana for TtK’s sister’s funeral; George H.W. Bush dead at 94
0:05:24Expanded quote from MEP Marcel de Graaff on Marrakesh Treaty criminalizing criticism of migration: “meant to be the legal framework”; MEP Janice Atkinson propagates “59 million migrants” meme; Paragraph 33(c) “sensitizing and educating media professionals”
0:17:50Brexit “freedom of movement” meme, “rights of access” objection to Theresa May; JCD on Germans never visiting Paris and Washingtonians never hopping over to Victoria Canada
0:27:21CBC on G20 “family photo” with Putin-MBS high-five; fake photo of Trump in background; “weirdness” with Angela Merkel’s flight; CBS on Putin-MBS “soul shake”, cancellations over Ukraine, Michael Cohen guilty plea needling; Trump “long and hard” double entendre
0:41:54Amy Goodman on money laundering raid of Deutsche Bank “President Trump’s largest lender, with Trump reportedly owing hundreds of miwwions of dollars to the German bank”
0:44:43Murphy Brown cancelled after journalist beaten up by Trump supporters in “sea of red hats”
0:50:29Amy Goodman propagates Buzzfeed story about $50M Trump Tower Moscow penthouse for Vladimir Putin; The View on Michael Cohen “flipping”, Emoluments Clause back in rotation, Manafort “not a huge dill”, Joy Behar: “today is a good day for Donald Trump to resign”
0:56:00Jake Tapper befuddles Rep. Jerry Nadler with repeated “it’s not conspiracy”, “Guccifer 2 and WikiLeaks and everything else” word diarrhea, “another piece of evidence” meme
1:04:51Producer Segment: JCD Newsletter tips;
1:25:34Producer audio notes on JCD’s Australian pronunciation, Surf n Turf song
1:30:25Magnitude 4.8 earthquake near Anchorage Alaska
1:33:51Democracy Now on Sheryl Sandberg initiating George Soros opposition research, ACC: “this is a Jew thing”, media as double-edged sword; Neil deGrasse Tyson #MeToo harassment and rape accusations, possible devaluation of NatGeo for Disney acquisition
1:43:43Miami Herald implicates “Trump apologist” Alan Dershowitz in Jeffrey Epstein exposé
1:48:05NPR on Bill & Hillary Clinton tour promoted by Live Nation, Michelle Obama’s merch including $35 “find your flame and keep it lit” candles (CotD)
1:53:14Producer note on helicopter parents taking lunches to school on a daily basis
1:56:48Texas six-year-old boy James labeled girl “Luna” by his mother with case of “gender mourning”; Tucker Carlson on “theybies” trend: “what other profound life decisions do we think people oughtta be making at the age of four … drinking vodka, smoking Marlboro reds”; JCD story: “spokesperson” virtue signaling, ungendered “baby”; Dr. Michelle Cretella: “our sex is determined at conception”; ACC: “I blame Facebook”, JCD on baby boomer negativity
2:09:24Donation Segment: producer’s children de-douching peers on playground
2:20:44Huffington Post’s desperate attempt at subscription model, JCD on PC Magazine’s millions in advertising vs “a page” online; baffling Democracy Now report on Mic shutting down
2:28:01Climategate: Al Gore to NPR Here & Now on 24 Hours of Reality event, lying tell chuckle, “particulate pollution … connected to the pollution that is generated along with global warming pollution”, Trump “is now the face of climate denial”, “political tipping point” like civil rights, Camp Fire and all recent hurricanes “clearly linked to climate”, JCD gullibility test theory
2:37:52German Finance Minister proposes replacing France with EU on UN Security Council, ACC: “is Germany looking for World War III?”; student climate change strike in Australia
2:42:37CNN promoting Fareed Zakaria’s “Presidents Under Fire: the History of Impeachment”