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1090 Truth Tell (2018-11-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “Uhhh, okay, stupid, uhhh, orange man bad!” (1:07:37)
0:00:36ACC’s hearing aid firmware update; goat neck pot pie with iTunes crew, “no hate speech” tip
0:07:27MEP Marcel de Graaff: Marrakesh Treaty implementation to criminalize criticism of migration, JCD: “this is The Onion!”; JCD’s 2015 Jeb Bush prediction revisited, JCD: “blow me!”
0:13:27DOS Dvorak on Typing computer audio “I… T… M!”, ACC: “all right, that’s our show!”
0:15:15Former Border Patrol’s Ronald Colburn’s description of tear gas fired at “mothers and children” on US-Mexico border: “you could actually put it on your nachos and eat it”; Dana Frank on 2009 coup against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya orchestrated by Hillary Clinton
0:25:58MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle irked by “majority are actually men” in caravan; unglued Geraldo Rivera: “they wanna wash dishes in the restaurants, they wanna deliver the pizzas!”
0:33:03News Sniffer reveals The Guardian walking back article on secret Manafort-Assange meetings
0:42:14Trump’s answers for Mueller leaked to CNN by “sources familiar with this matter”
0:45:25Democracy Now on Russian capture of Ukrainian naval vessels in “illegally annexed” Crimea, President Poroshenko frets about “full-fledged war”; PBS on Putin’s election stunt theory; Radio Ukraine International on shared waters in Kerch Strait; bridge attack theory
0:52:27Democracy Now lists global warming effects including “droughts, floods”; Al Gore’s upcoming “24 Hours of Reality”; ageist BBC on Trump’s nostalgia, “no serious scientific opposition”; 1989 report predicting doom by 2000; France closing 14 nuclear reactors by 2035
1:00:52Producer Segment: ACC’s simulated universe theory revisited
1:10:45Yale study: white liberals talk down to minorities; Connecticut parents “shocked and driven to tears” over school lunch room ban; racist black Florida police chief framing black suspects; Australian bill enumerates 33 gender labels; British Film Institute bans scarred villains
1:16:49Amy Goodman: “senior advisner” Jared Kushner awarded Mexico’s Aztec Eagle
1:20:58Miami Herald exposé on Jeffrey Epstein case; The Lost Boys of Bird Island author suicided days after publication; Jerome Corsi being badgered by Robert Mueller’s minions
1:29:38Helmetless Bird scooter riders ending up in emergency rooms, owners absolved via EULA; Apple’s “booby trapped” products preventing DIY repair; ACC’s Bird-riding panhandler
1:36:01Australia’s “extreme fire and extreme rainfall”; JCD’s “stike and shrimp”
1:37:39Mark Zuckerberg minion testifies before UK Parliament, possible publication of leaked internal documents; Jesse Hirsh: “why does CBC trust Facebook?”; JCD on idiotic San Francisco Chronicle laughing in Craig Newmark’s face; DoJ unseals charges against online advertising fraud operation; proposed removal of Zuckerberg name from San Francisco General Hospital
1:46:35Chinese scientist uses CRISPR to create AIDS-proof infants; JCD’s cloned dog in Korea
1:47:58John Bolton explains why there’s no reason at all to listen to Khashoggi tape; Rep. Adam Schiff on Trump as lackey of Mr. Bone Saw as well as Putin, duty of Congress to “truth tell”
1:54:22“Drenk, uh, Jenk” Uygur scolds befuddled Brian Stelter for ignoring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
2:00:30Donation Segment
2:13:54New amateur radio digital mode FT-8; possible Six-Week Cycle false alarm at Walter Reed
2:20:26Congo testing four experimental ebola drugs; excised chapters from Malcolm X autobiography
2:26:13New York Times “The Insect Apocalypse Is Here” vs “food of the future” meme
2:27:26Crashed Lion Air Boeing 737 Max “not airworthy”; job interview robot “Vera”; Amazon harvesting data from medical records; AWS Ground Station stockpiling satellite data
2:41:50Millennials all-in on Canadian ice cider, ACC: “this is an exit strategy”