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1088 Three Chambers (2018-11-22)

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0:00:00ACC: “What is goin’ on with those people?”
0:00:34ACC on Dutch appropriation of “Helloween” and Black Friday; facial recognition at Schiphol Airport, asshole Heathrow security; Netherlands ties with Germany in UEFA Nations League
0:10:46JCD’s traditional story of Thanksgiving; new “Friendsgiving” potentially involving testicles dipped in gravy; live Thanksgiving show to tease Show 332; CNN’s Brianna Keilar “you can’t make this up!” comment for Trump’s turkey pardon and “essentially pardoning Saudi Arabia”
0:22:32Trump policy vs style theme: UC Berkeley Professor Stephanie Jones-Rogers to all-woman CNN panel with Don Lemon: “as a historian I explore white women’s economic investments in the institution of slavery”, laughing “overwhelming support of Donald Trump” tell, white women’s “deep investment in white supremacy”, token Republican Alice Stewart: “I do not agree with his tone and tenor”, Kirsten Powers: “every white person benefits from an inherently racist system that is structurally racist”; Dan Crenshaw tries in vain to get answer to “what democratic freedoms have been undermined?”, Face the Nation panel blurts out random words, “literally an attack on the press”, intelligence agencies “fundamental to how our democracy works”; Ben Shapiro comparing Trump and Obama; Trump Defense Force jingle
0:46:11White House threatening to pull Jim Acosta’s pass after restraining order expiration; Carl Bernstein proposes editing briefing down to clips to combat “lying, propaganda, and agitprop”
0:54:32Civics lesson from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeking to “take back all three chambers of Congress, uh, rather all three chambers of government: the presidency, the Senate, and the House”, ACC: “this young lady has a presidential future”, JCD: “she is a laughingstock!”, Reagan and Eisenhower’s massive public personas, Jen Briney all-in on AOC
1:03:40Producer Segment: “hummus” pronunciation lessons; Keith and The Girl “Fuck Adam Curry”
1:21:421983 New York Times article on CIA recruiting on campus; ACC’s Skype crashing woes
1:24:27Michael Bloomberg’s $1.8bn Johns Hopkins scholarship fund ahead of 2020 run; Dutch Infrastructure Minister excoriated for agitating for €600M in climate funding in face of hospital closings; Rep. Mike Lee worries about collapse after restoration of treasury yield rates, JCD on “sound financial condition” proclamations at outset of Great Depression
1:38:31CBC blames Trump administration for Canada “going deeper into the red”; $600M in subsidies and tax breaks for struggling media companies; Rebel Media on $595M “slush fund” earmarked for “trusted” media companies willing to kiss Trudeau’s butt for 2019 election; Grimerica deplatformed by PayPal; Airbnb delisting Israeli West Bank properties; Alex Jones’ warning to ACC to ditch Infowars appearance; Bitcoin landscape considerably changed
1:51:12Canadians getting “ultrasound beams to heat and disrupt the precise part of the brain that causes” treatment-resistant depression, “adjustment to the circuits of the brain” (CotD), ACC: “a lobotomy!”, magnetic seizure therapy, JCD on vasectomy as substitute for castration under eugenics programs; PTSD drug prazocin found to worsen nightmares and suicidal ideation
2:03:48Donation Segment: Michigan Local One fortune cookies; “John’s got a virus!”
2:15:37Stammering Obama ascribes lack of progress on climate change to “hate, anger, racism, mommy issues”, “people call me Spock for a reason”, “experience of being president” inside joke, “you look around and you say, these jamokes”, “just read Dr. Seuss”
2:24:40Author Ronen Bergman to Democracy Now on Israel’s CIA-like shadow government’s assassination plots against Yasser Arafat; MI6 fretting about release of Russia investigation details
2:36:55New San Francisco Mayor London Breed confronted with abject failure to clean up poop