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1087 Hippie Hummus (2018-11-18)

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0:00:00ACC: “We got CDs too!” (1:56:33)
0:00:33Netherlands beats France in UEFA Nations League with Panenka penalty, ACC notes nationalism rearing its ugly head; online dictionaries updated with the likes of “excessive favoritism” and Nazi example, JCD: “shameless!”, forgotten “jingoism”; Grand Slam of Darts “fartgate”
0:09:29Origin of Zwarte Piet controversy with United Nations activist, Sinterklaasjournaal ratings, Kick Out Zwarte Piet campaign terrorizing children, vitriol mostly relegated to social media
0:16:03227 injured and one dead in French protests against new gas tax; IRS inflation scam
0:19:58Theresa May defends Brexit deal amid no-confidence rumblings, slips in “risk no Brexit at all”; CBC man on the street with 585-page Brexit plan, bookmakers predicting May’s survival
0:30:51California Camp Fire and Camp Creek Road origin story deflecting attention from PG&E; CNN meteorologist Tom Sater fact-checks Trump: “I enjoy being in the weather department because it’s neutral, y’know, with the exception of climate change issues” (CotD)
0:36:30M5M edits Trump’s Camp Fire comments down to idiotic “raking and cleaning” blather at press conference with Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown, JCD on lack of controlled burns
0:45:38Democracy Now on “accidentally” released details of DoJ’s Julian Assange indictment, Mike Pompeo’s “destruction of Western values” vs Trump’s “I love WikiLeaks!”, ACC on Glenn Greenwald’s redacted Snowden documents, JCD on Berkeley spook school students captured in North Korea and Iran; judge’s ruling on Jim Acosta’s ouster based on due process; “hey guys!” Acosta lies about First Amendment victory; Scott Adams outs Acosta as Trump imitator
1:00:23Producer Segment: JCD disparages “hippie hummus”; CUNY’s ironic Craig Newmark school
1:28:56Producer note on illegal smuggling of African “shark hole” charcoal for Saudi Arabia
1:31:27CBS spins Anonymous CIA leaks into “intelligence” that Mr. Bone Saw ordering Khashoggi assassination; spineless CBC cites “multiple US media outlets”; John Brennan positive MBS authorized killing of “US resident”, “that’s a great question” about bungled mission
1:38:00CVS on Melania Trump pushing for removal of Kirstjen Nielsen as head of DHS; John Kelly potentially up for replacement; unreported failure of Pentagon audit
1:42:38Canadian postal worker strikes causing 30-day backlog; European students groaning under €10-40k in loans, Dutch BKR credit score to include “Uncle DUO” student debt
1:48:55Nancy Pelosi: “Reverend Sharpton, thank you for saving America!”; Trump muses on Pelosi’s appeal to bipartisanship: “they can look at usss, we can look at them…”; Jean-Claude Juncker’s mismatched shoes; ACC Red Book: European childbirth spike due to birth control shortage
1:55:12Superstore native ad for “it’s totally worth it!” Amazon Prime (CotD); Virginia headquarters deal to include FOIA heads-up; ACC on DIGEX hosting “black boxes” for FEMA
1:59:56ACC OTG: talking tube spying patents; NPR “retards” on spying by gas station TV screens: “they crunch together online activity”, giggly “this is so frightening!”; JCD on grocery coupons
2:06:34Blighted Rockdale Texas to host coal-fired Chinese Bitcoin mining operation
2:10:16Donation Segment: ACC “bad QSO, old man, OM”, JCD: “it’s redundant!”
2:20:13“We’ll send you the dankest herb” Briteside cannabis delivery ad imitating big pharma
2:23:05Californians all mumbling in dust masks against Camp Fire smoke
2:24:22CBS Eye on Cyber agitates for FBI-recommended router reboot to thwart Russian hackers
2:28:07Australian Sen. Barry O’Sullivan unloads on liberal agenda and declares himself a woman; Kamala Harris compares ICE to KKK; MSNBC panel on Hillary 2020: “go away”
2:37:46Canadian government to allow employers to require doctor’s note for a single sick day