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1086 Shark Hole (2018-11-15)

Show 1086 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Shoplifter! Thief! Gangster! Bip-bip-bip-bip-bip-bip-bip!” (1:48:48)
0:00:36California Camp Fire claims life of computer pioneer Bill Godbout, PG&E electrical incident immediately before outbreak, high-speed rail directed energy weapon theories
0:06:36ACC in Laren Netherlands; Dutch court rejects Zwarte Piet ban; Groenlinks mayor Femke Halsema removes iconic “I amsterdam” sign for encouraging individualism; cabinet resignations over 585-page Brexit agreement, “protectionism of cheese”; NPR: UK paying €80bn “for decades”, MP Jacob Rees-Mogg: “not so much the vassal state any more as the slave state”
0:22:03Nigel Farage as high-stepping football player dropping ball, Angela Merkel taken to task for her “naked takeover bid”; Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake’s Twitter Trump-bashing hobby
0:28:49JCD proposes colorful umbrella hat for Trump at Armistice Day proceedings; Emmanuel Macron’s nonsensical “le patriotisme est l’exact contraire du nationalisme”, needling from Justin Trudeau, “Trump wasn’t there to hear Trudeau anyways”; Jim Kessler: “nationalism is I hate your country”, “you want your leaders to put the interests of your nation ahead of others, that’s what nationali… nationalism is not that”; patriotism in “dark” inaugural speech
0:41:48“Hard-ass” blackmailer Nancy Pelosi; Rep. Marcia Fudge “we tout diversity”; Lisa Desjardins on “insurgent” freshman representatives favoring woman of color; insane uptalker Sophia Zaia agitating for Green New Deal outside Pelosi’s office with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; new IPCC report taken as gospel in Europe, Pandora’s Promise pulled from Dutch Netflix
0:55:22Foulmouthed SJW protester berates Dinesh D’Souza speech attendee; reversal of Obama Title IX position conflating sex and gender, UC Berkeley Christian student senator Isabella Chow excoriated for abstaining from denouncement vote by finger-snapping beatniks, student TV station: abstention “anti-LGBTQ+ statements”, “even alumini took to the podium”
1:05:40Producer Maynard to Fiona Patten: religious gay-bashers “tend to like a bit of dick”
1:07:44Producer Segment: Google Doodle stolen from Show 1085 album art; Show 1089 332
1:18:09Madam Secretary and Norman Lear Hollywood Health & Society program “to shape culture and to change minds about important social issues”, ACC’s mysterious guest-booking e-mails
1:24:10Michael “sleazebag lawyer named Avianté” Avenatti arrested on domestic violence charges
1:30:09Amazon’s New York and “spook central” Virginia HQ; Andrew Cuomo: “for every dollar we invest, we’re going to get back about nine dollars”, ACC: “just like the Olympics!”, “Amazon Cuomo” name change offer; Assemblyman Ron Kim predicts doom for student debt holders, “richest man on the planet” meme; Amy Goodman on Congressional “Progresskive” Caucus priorities; Seattle “got 45,000 people, and 6,000 dogs”; Amazon Echo evidence in 2017 double murder; promo for FaceFirst facial recognition to combat retail crime; JCD’s murder of crows
1:50:26New York Times exposé on Facebag using Republican opposition researcher to link critics to George Soros; Steve Wozniak: social media “not right for me” except for location sharing
2:00:03Donation Segment
2:15:56Crash of Lion Air Boeing 737 Max due to new automatic anti-stall system being kept secret
2:22:08Mike Morell “um”-fest to skeptical Jeff Glor on military warning about “China Russia” threat, “we all know how that story ended” with 9/11
2:26:28Ebola and “illegal extraction of minerals, timber, shark hole” in Democratic Republic of Congo
2:33:53JCD deploys solo rainstick for California fires; unusually cold weather for Southern US
2:38:13Canadian idiot overdoses on edibles; “Unisom SleepTabs help you fall asleep 33% faster”
2:41:58Baraboo WI high school student photo with Nazi salute, JCD: “these guys are all stoners!”