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1085 Transaged (2018-11-11)

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0:00:00ACC: “Racist!” (0:13:05)
0:00:32ACC at “save Mueller” rally with homemade signs and American flags, “otherizing the Republicans”, vacant-eyed sign-toting NPCs; Washington AG Bob Ferguson’s “rule of law” meme
0:05:34Trump Rotation settles on “racist” after he puts down black female reporters “stupid question” Abby Phillip, “loser” April Ryan, and “racist question” Yamiche Alcindor, NPR lying by proxy with vocal frying Code Switch podcast host Gene Demby, “old tactic” of racists calling racist questions racist, Ryan “one of the most prominent” members of “overwhelmingly white” press corps, Quinnipiac poll: 51% of Republicans believe media is “enemy of the people”
0:16:30CNN’s Kirsten Powers to Anderson Cooper: Trump “plays on racial tropes that go all the way back to the beginning of this country”, “classic white supremacy”; WaPo’s leftist “racist trope” meme, FL candidate Andrew Gillum called “thief”, JCD: media like panicky ant colony
0:26:09JCD on Edith Bolling Galt Wilson as first female president after Woodrow Wilson’s stroke; Archduke Ferdinand’s number plate A111-118; PBS running The Sound of Music remake
0:34:15Madam Secretary propaganda with Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, and Madeleine Albright, Hillary “E Pluribus Unum” for 2020 campaign, nationalism “the existential threat of our time”, “nationalism is not the same as patriotism, it’s a perversion of patriotism”
0:49:13Merkel and Macron canoodling at Armistice commemoration in Compi├Ęgne; CBS cuts out evidence of Macron groveling for Trump on defense budget increases
0:58:12JCD irked by media’s continued inattention to Young Kim; Mark Shields lies “33 of 34 women elected to the House for the first time were Democrats”, Roll Call only mentions Carol Miller; CBS on winners Ilhan Omar and Safiya Wazir, no mention of “radical’s radical” Rashida Tlaib; Democracy Now ululations for Tlaib’s victory, “taken out” by security for heckling Trump, impeachment because “in America there is laws”, non-explanation of democratic socialism
1:14:41ACC invited to Roger McGuinn concert, sold on cruise line lecture circuit gig
1:18:09Producer Segment: ACC’s podcasting history on SoundCloud; the Shill’s 11/11 anniversary
1:29:19Unimpressive Xinhua “artificial intelligence” news anchor, ACC on desire for human flubs; Amazon ordered to produce Echo recordings from 2017 New Hampshire double homicide
1:39:20Odd NewsHour “you may remember there was an election”, Shields “alarmed” at Trump’s victory claim, healthcare “ironically” at issue, David Brooks’ new “45% of the electorate”
1:46:43Seth Myers on Trump’s “racist conspiracy theories”, economy “boring” whipsaw; Michael Moore to Lawrence O’Donnell on SSRI for Democrats, “constitutional crisis within the constitutional crisis”, rib offer for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, representation in Senate based on “acres”
1:56:14Comedy bomb-fest with Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher
2:04:43Plastic ban theory: out with credit cards and in with RFID chips; Democracy Now: scientists drastically underestimated ocean warming; Netherlands banning natural gas and nuclear
2:10:57Donation Segment: JCD breaking out the air purifiers
2:17:50“Dutch Tony Robbins” Emile Ratelband attempting to be “transaged” at 49; No Agenda travel tip: American Airlines pre-boarding nut allergies
2:23:33Confusing new Planned Parenthood “deserves to be a choice” ad; Ice Cube Arrest the President
2:29:12Pat Buchanan on Southern Strategy “libel” against Nixon, JCD on “egghead” Adlai Stevenson; Tricky Dick and the Man in Black; producer note on Humboldt State University propaganda
2:41:38US “coincidentally” to no longer refuel Saudi jets; Kansas mosque bombers blaming Trump
2:43:47FDA cracking down on flavored e-cigarettes because “teenagers are attracted to flavors”