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1084 Complex Instrument (2018-11-08)

Show 1084 album art
0:00:00JCD: “It’s the Young Kim!” (1:41:47)
0:00:32Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s “coincidental” fractured ribs and documentary; classic Michael Douglas film Falling Down; new season of House of Cards with unethical real-world CNN journos
0:04:41ACC attends Beto O’Rourke election night party; CBS on “two!” state House seats gained by Democrats; Michael Bloomberg alarmed by “the recent bombings and mass shootings”
0:16:36“Disgusting” NewsHour coverage with pointless Chuck Schumer clip, Judy Woodruff’s idiotic “no new taxes or government regulations”, Lisa Desjardins’ list of firsts for Democrat women, no mention of first Korean-American woman in Congress Republican Young Kim
0:28:04Trump crosses swords with rude microphone hog Jim Acosta, parallel with Obama and Helen Thomas, “that’s enough, put down the mic”, “well, I’m not a big fan of yours either” to Peter Alexander, “cherish ICE” non-answer; JCD: accusations like “are you still beating your wife”
0:45:17Jake Tapper on Trump’s “personal rant”, Trump “doing a dance on the graves of Republicans who did not show him enough fealty”; Anderson Pooper: Acosta’s pass revoked “in retaliation” for “incident that never happened” with confused intern, Acosta lies “I didn’t put my hands on her or touch her”; Nancy Pelosi: “let’s hear it more for preexisting medical conditions!”
0:55:56Enthusiastic White House press corps, “racist” nationalism question from Yamiche Alcindor
1:00:23Trump tips his hand when asked about his tax returns: accounting and law firms “they do these things, they put ‘em in”, “it’s a very complex instrument”, Troll Room: 1040-EZ
1:04:45Trump equates high oil prices with taxes, oil price drop immediately after Khashoggi incident; Dinesh D’Souza on “crazy” Democrats to constrain Trump, Justice Department “secret weapon” with predicted firing of Jeff Sessions; JCD on Pelosi keeping crazies like AOC in line
1:17:34Producer Segment: Grimerica value for value salesmanship tips; ACC’s GNE long
1:35:46RT on SWIFT replacement SPFS for “dedollarization”, ACC on Byzantine SWIFT settlement system, Deutsche Welle: France and UK all-in on “special purpose vehicle” to bypass Iran sanctions, EU pressuring companies not to pull out of Iran; Italy proposing “Patriot bail-in”
1:44:58Producer notes on JCD’s rudeness, Dimension B woman “monitoring” Newsletter for Alex Jones conspiracies and Trump support, ACC: “they’re turning the frogs gay!
1:49:25Joe Rogan Experience foursome try to suss out history of podcasting, JCD “some guy named like Bob Doyle”; ACC recaps podcasting origin story, JCD: “we should clip that whole thing”
2:07:37Trump asserts he has kept more promises than he made; Matthew Dowd tries to correct idiot Joy Behar’s observation that Democrats lost Senate races “because of gerrymandering”
2:11:53Dogs Are People Too: Delta passenger obliged to sit in seat covered in service dog feces
2:15:15State ballot initiatives for marijuana and restoring felons’ voting rights; California Proposition 10 rent control defeated by real estate interests, Austin flamethrower candidate’s 3,000 votes
2:19:44EU word of the year single-use, JCD on reused Aeroflot plastic cups
2:23:34Donation Segment: listeners as producers for Grimerica
2:34:02Producer note on Ugandan refugees folded into Democracy Now’s migration numbers; Humboldt University “whiteness and microaggressions training”; NPR on first-person shooter game white supremacy, JCD on Red Dead Redemption 2 suffragette-punching; Iso iso NA jingle
2:44:56ACC irritated by suppressed Al Jazeera documentary The Israeli Lobby
2:46:59CBS opens Jeff Sessions story with excuse for not covering election; Rachel Maddow promotes “protect Mueller” protests; Jeff Pegues on “dramatic if not surprising end” to Sessions’ tenure
2:55:53Jeff Glor “um”-fest, upcoming investigation war between the White House and Congress