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1083 The Zoomers (2018-11-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Bull-crap!” (0:24:19)
0:00:35JCD’s lapsed motorcycle license endorsement, Kawasaki 750 two-stroke
0:03:06ACC’s one-hour early voting queue, electioneering TV screens, mayoral candidate Alex Strenger promises dome to repel Californians, “I promise to take guns away from all of the police officers and replace them with flamethrowers”; breathless CBSN on Trump “fear tactics”; Beto campaign burning money with Austin ads; Biden & Obama hoarse from trying to channel Trump; CBSN: tax cuts “not very popular with the American public”, Trump “blitz” flub
0:17:56JCD fact-checks Dana Milbanks WaPo Trump Rotation op-ed, “ham-handed” blackface origin; Bill Maher “fire on people with rocks”; Democracy Now on Oprah campaigning in Georgia, Steve King “lashed out” at college student for Squirrel Hill shooter ambush, meeting with “Austrian Neo-Nazi group”, “back in the United States” segue from Georgia to Iowa (BCotD)
0:30:16Bill Maher on Brazil’s “Tropical Trump”, “why is liberal democracy so in retreat right now?”
0:34:28Dimension B: Maher’s fake “catchy tune” enthusiasm for new Barbara Streisand album Walls; Mimi’s “do you know who I am?” encounter with James Brolin; tearful Streisand triggered by Trump lies due to family trauma, Maher claims MAGA Bomber list, new “climate truth”
0:50:24Steven Clifford proposes ban on straight white men voting to “save our democracy”; ACC “dennounces” self-loathing Lawrence Lessig for roster of reasons “my generation pretty much sucks”; JCD on “Zoomers” generation, 1984 “he who controls the present controls the past”
0:59:39Michael Moore to “angry white American guys”: “let the majority gender run the show!
1:01:42Producer Segment: ACC identifying with deaf woman in elevator
1:23:06Producer note confirms Chinese bullet train social score warnings
1:27:27RT promo for four-part The Israel Lobby documentary suppressed by Al Jazeera
1:33:21American Housewife “I could’ve been an MTV VJ”
1:35:14Frontline “The Facebook Dilemma” on Sandberg and Zuckerberg lying about privacy and using data brokers pre-IPO; 2010 Facebook Research study: “the results show that the messages directly influenced … real-world voting behaviour of millions of people”; Democracy Now on Google walkouts over executives accused of sexual misconduct receiving “miwwions” of dollars
1:55:47“Groped and assaulted by Tom Brokaw” Linda Vester story resurrected
1:59:45Democracy Now: Jamal Khashoggi “slandered” by Mr. Bone Saw “falsely claiming the journalist was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood”, Khashoggi “not a formal member”
2:03:48Russian SPFS system for working around Iran sanctions, SWIFT headquartered in Belgium
2:05:40Donation Segment: Mimi’s “somewhere between 39 and 100” birthday celebration
2:13:24Weak DNA evidence in MAGA Bomber case; JCD on Sacramento murderer targeting critic
2:16:28JCD teases Thanksgiving interviewee Anthony Scaramucci, attempt at complementary meal at his New York restaurant, ill-advised machete-wielding Al Gore Skype icon in pre-interview
2:22:20Producer note on Democrat-Republican switch myth in textbooks; BBC “debunks” Blexit web site talking points: “white Democrats … switched parties to the Republicans”
2:33:53Professor of archaeology Eric Cline bemoans the rise of “junk science”
2:36:18Democracy Now: Trump’s “consider it a rifle” means “soldiers could shoot migrants for throwing rocks”; “bored” Texas Minutemen on the go; Soros-Mastercard Humanity Ventures
2:41:29Austin vs Virginia for Amazon HQ2; San Francisco Proposition C “tech money” homeless tax
2:45:18JCD on Heather Nauert’s Arizona State “look”; Democracy Now on possible nomination to replace Nikki Haley, former host of Fox & Friends “a favorite of Trump’s”