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1082 Otherize (2018-11-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh, you made the alien sound that Joe Rogan makes!” (2:03:33)
0:00:33Beto O’Rourke married to $20bn heiress, campaign money from University of California
0:07:34“Token liberal” Shepard Smith on refugee caravan: “there is no invasion, no one’s coming to get you, there’s nothing at all to worry about”; lazily-translated Dutch news “the Jew Soros”; Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell to Lou Dobbs: “a lot of these folks also have affiliates who are getting money from the Soros-occupied State Department”; Brian Stelter: Farrell clip “so gross”, Bill Kristol asserts ZOG reference, calls Fox “appalling” in spite of not watching; old Barbara Lerner Spectre clip on Jews on vanguard of European multiculturalism
0:24:46Don Lemon to Chris Cuomo on Kentucky shooting: “we have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right”, “there is no white guy ban, so what do we do about that?”
0:29:07Louie Gohmert’s account of Robert Mueller’s sordid dealings with murdered Whitey Bulger; NPR on “hoax within a hoax” Mueller harassment claim by listener Jacob Wohl
0:35:53Celebrations over Whitey Bulger’s death, basketball full of FBI C-4 plot
0:39:52Mika Brzezinski “think about your children!” for election; Elizabeth Warren deflects low-key accusations from Geoff Diehl of illegal fundraising; “unglued” stammering Obama on caravan: “you can’t fall for that okeydoke!”; fractal of Trump-duped media in 1990 Vanity Fair article
0:51:35Anthony Scaramucci tries in vain to get hysterical Bill Maher panel to understand Trump’s tactical lying: “you’re gonna lose again” (BCotD); Jon Stewart to Christiane Amanpour: journalists have taken on victim identity politics; JCD on thin-skinned Katy Tur and Major Garrett; MSNBC pundit Steve Schmidt: caravan “Trump’s Reichstag fire”
1:10:18Producer Segment: ACC hiding Naive London Girl from investors; Dame Tanya the foamer
1:27:03NPR on unnamed “critics” of social network Gab, CEO Andrew Torba on Twitter’s antipathy toward the right; ACC’s shadowbanning research: Usenet and Microsoft Tay chatbot, reply display algorithm designed to keep anger dopamine at a boil, Snow Crash Metaverse
1:42:38Out-of-context Hillary Clinton to Kara Swisher: Cory Booker and Eric Holder “all look alike”, odd “paid my Mark Zuckerberg to do that”, Hillary claims not to be contemplating 2020 and discourages potential competition, “what?” for Elizabeth Warren, AI “unloosed on the world”
1:58:03Probable hoax video of social credit score warning on Chinese bullet train
1:59:19Erdoğan’s Khashoggi /kaʃɯɡʨɨ/; Alex Jones calls out hissing Joe Rogan as an alien
2:02:50Democracy Now on Jeff Sessions heckled by First Baptist Church “in Boston” pastor, hit piece on Rep. Steve King for “racist” tweets and meeting with Austrian “Neo-Nazi” group, “confederate battle flag” on desk; ACC’s friend Hans convinced he is a Republican; producer notes on being taught the Democrat-Republican switch, “comprehensive immigration reform” for Democrat voters already in the country; Vanderbilt University professor Carol Swain debunks the three Southern Strategy myths; “Obama phone!” revisited
2:19:09Symone Sanders: Bernie Sanders “has never incited violence, he’s never othered anyone”; Supergirl “other” aliens; The View: “all of a sudden it’s okay to otherize people”
2:23:13Donation Segment: producer recommendation for Dijon mustard from Trader Joe’s
2:32:23Justin Trudeau reassures Canadians that the Census keeping bank records is a fine idea
2:36:07Anne Hathaway accepts LGBBTQQIAAP award, “gayness orbits around straightness” myths
2:43:56Dogs Are People Too: PLOS One study on pets and climate change; WWF extinction report
2:47:39Prosecution drops one of six counts against Harvey Weinstein; ACC’s “peak dog” theory