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1081 BLEXIT (2018-10-28)

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0:00:00ACC: Headless mannequins, ehh!“ (0:55:01)
0:00:34JCD: self-loathing Silicon Valley billionaires sinking stock market
0:01:24“October Surprise” history; Trump blamed for synagogue shooting in Squirrel Hill by Trump-hating Robert Bowers, January mass shooting drill; Twitter alternative Gab “no-platformed”
0:13:58MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle outraged at Facebook account “Kill George Soros” followed by “MAGA Bomber” Cesar Sayoc; CBS on Sayoc’s arrest by federal agents at AutoZone accompanied by mysterious “loud blast” unaddressed by witnesses, odd detail of tarp blowing off truck, Christopher Wray asserts “these are not hoax devices”; Chuck Todd’s Russia theory
0:24:37CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz accidentally reveals inside information: “we know that there is forensic evidence linking him … we don’t know if it’s him or her, we should say”, Fran Townsend’s quick arrest prediction, Prokupecz: “we know there was surveillance, ongoing surveillance of a person”; history of Six-Week Cycle entrapment of FBI patsies, JCD predicts domestic terrorism law; FBI “press release” affidavit with “philanthropist and billionaire George Soros” biographies, “based on my review of publicly available information on Twitter”
0:36:20Sayoc’s lesbian boss Debra Gureghian to CNN’s Kate Bolduan: “everybody that really wasn’t white and wasn’t a white supremacist didn’t belong in the world” vs “he was a model employee”; “adopted” Seminole tribe; Gureghia’s California SJW assertion “I can’t fire somebody because of their political views”, pizza deliveries in “freaky scary” and “filthy” van full of booze bottles, “he always played the part very well”, hazmat truck driving job vs criminal record; George Webb’s CIA casino money laundering theory; Bolduan leads the witness with “mannequins with their heads cut off”, desperately tries to get Gureghian to blame Trump (CotD)
0:56:15CNN on Sayoc’s political meme tweets; reptilian Sen. Mark Warner on threats against “two former presidents”, JCD: “this was the original scheme”; affidavit’s “law enforcement databases”; Mary McCord dodges NewsHour question about suspect to praise FBI; CIA vs FBI theories
1:14:02CNN panel on shooter’s Gab account and “threatening statements that are made in the deep and dark web”, need for “giving law enforcement the tools to look at everything” (CotD)
1:22:26Producer Segment
1:31:31European Court of Human Rights “shut up, slave” ruling on criticism of Islam, Article 10 freedom of expression vs “protection of health or morals”; Emmanuel Macron insists all EU members share migrant burden; producer note recommends Solzhenitsyn’s The Gulag Archipelago
1:43:24Candace Owens on “Blexit” movement, Democrats “told us that the Republican and the Democrat parties switched”; JCD on “perfect Democrat” Archie Bunker; Dinesh D’Souza on FDR’s “dirty deeds”, Democrat civil rights opposition, beloved Klansman Robert Byrd
2:11:12Murphy Brown Indian IT stereotype and “too brown in here” GOP jerk; Trump expected to defend bomber, Al Sharpton irked over address to black youth in “sacred” East Room; Rick Wilson in 2015: “they’re still gonna have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump”
2:22:49Donation Segment
2:30:20Note on Austin water “false flag”; Typhoon Mangkhut’s “power of 500,000 Hiroshima bombs”
2:36:50Al Roker compares Megyn Kelly to minstrel show; NBC’s revenge for September Weinstein mutiny; Superstore cultural appropriation Halloween episode; Variety Kelly hate-fest; NBC’s cover-up of debunked Brett Kavanaugh accusation; Valerie Jarrett’s outsize influence
2:49:46“Obamacare” Dutch hospital closings; tectonic plate broken in 2017 Mexico earthquakes
2:54:43Professor of archaeology Eric Cline gives pronunciation of Eritrea as /ə.ˈɹɛt.ɹi.ə/