Call Clooney!

1080 11 years (2018-10-25)

Show 1080 album art
0:00:00JCD: “You’ve exceeded your bandwidth!” (1:20:25)
0:00:37Eleven-year anniversary party horn, Grimerica reflections on twenty-minute Show 1
0:02:09Austin water boiling mandate, Lake Austin stocked with ravenous grass carp
0:12:35JCD muting Twitter exchanges about Ecuadorian caravan; unusual speed and tight shots of Jorge Ramos; “Frat Boy Tucker” sounding like Christopher Buckley with Adam Carolla
0:18:46“Phony-baloney Clock Boy type dildo bombs” with immediate release of package photos, idiot redneck misspellings; PBS propagating “prominent Democrats as well as CNN” lie, Trump’s insincere call for unity, “we all know that” persuasion, “no one should carelessly compare political opponents to historical villains”, JCD identifies arm-crossing as anger tell
0:28:51Jeff Pegues on PVC tubes with “pyrotechnic powder”, former FBI “never capable of exploding” theory; NPR on Secret Service mail facility, exercises with “devices”; Trump bores audience calling out media’s “endless hostility”, JCD on Robin Williams reading new material at comedy club; douchebag “keep America safe” as highest duty; CBS spook Fran Townsend: bomb not “standard al-Qaeda recipe”, predicts quick resolution; JCD predicts Six-Week Cycle patsy, bogus stamp-licking DNA, ACC’s snake stamp for IRS, USPS irked over crappy new uniforms
0:45:19Mike Pompeo cites 33M legal immigrants and recommends normal channels; Xeni Jardin’s Twitter bigotry for white people: “they’re coming to mow your lawns”, shades of The View call for toilet cleaners; YouTube video of mountains of trash left by caravan; globalist UN Refugee Agency helping caravan and calling for “any measure” to bring in refugees
0:53:40Amy Goodman aghast at Trump declaring himself a nationalist, transition to “white supremacist leader Richard Spencer” story; Steve Cortes to Chris Cuomo: “nobody made you CEO of the English language”, Cuomo: “you know better than George Orwell?”; unhinged Nicolle Wallace compares Trump to Idi Amin, “they cheered at Hitler, too”, nationalism “N-word”
1:06:36NBC finally gets to fire Megan Kelly over “blackface” comment, Roxanne Jones’ “passionately defended people who don blackface costumes” lie, JCD on NBC’s wasteful casting mistakes
1:13:15Producer Segment: JCD pooh-poohs risotto; “rock star” Beto, ACC trolls early voting maven
1:47:02Dem Bones Khashoggi jingle, official Sharpton pronunciation /kosuʤi/; Erdoğan at center of universe, embassy sovereign soil misconception; Trump: cover-up “one of the worst in the history of cover-ups”, “bad deal”; Jared Kushner to Van Jones on seeing through deception; MEP Marietje Schaake calls for “EU-wide embargo”; Mr. Bone Saw promises justice, ACC: “he’s done”; Gina Haspel snooping around Turkey; “disfigured” face and body parts in garden; German arms deals on hold; Democracy Now on MBS aide directing operations via Skype
2:12:14Amy Goodman’s loaded terms: Trump “lashed out”, Pence “claimed”, JCD: “it’s disgusting!
2:16:57Donation Segment: ACC’s unappetizing airplane flaps
2:38:39Tim Cook in Brussels at the wrong time to discuss anti-privacy “data industrial complex”
2:43:35ACC OTG: Alexa coughing and sniffling patent; Kinsa thermometers spying for big pharma; GM tracking radio listening; Android Google News app chewing through data
2:46:37Idiot Justin Trudeau trying to sell federal carbon tax with rebates; CBS native ad for Lexus
2:54:44Unprecedented oil shipment from Congo to Israel; Florida groper uses Trump as justification
2:58:04Supergirl female president believes in global warming because she is “not a moron” (CotD)
3:00:04Rosie O’Donnell to Nicolle Wallace on “out of the closet” KKK; ACC insulted by O’Donnell
3:05:17JCD on “filthy speech movement”, Vital Farms “bullshit free” eggs ad
3:09:34Compilation of Dianne Feinstein pushing for strong border enforcement