Call Clooney!

107 Health Insurance Dot Gov (2009-06-25)

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0:00:31ACC in “Gitmo Nation Eastern Seaboard” New York, 25 Cooper Square Hotel’s annoying check-in procedure, “and then you wait twenty minutes for the other jabroney to come up with my fricking bag!”; JCD on Four Seasons losing his bag, credit card info coded in key cards; dark hallways, ACC: “you need braille everywhere”; JCD on being drenched by salad bowl sink, ACC’s “jail cell” toilet; JCD entertaining Micky, ACC’s desk lamp microphone stand
0:10:05Call for Chinese speaker ACC’s Jet Blue red-eye, JCD’s four doctor announcements and two deaths, emergency landing and curfew escape at Narita; CLEAR biometric program shut down by TSA, no concern over tangle of electronics in ACC’s bag, barking orders about shoes on belt and bumping into magnetometer; no Comcast for ACC in new building
0:18:19Bernie Madoff sentencing pushed off to June 29 and then an additional 90 days, ACC IFC theory, lawyer’s request for 12 years, victims insured by FDIC & AIG
0:20:44NASA hysteric James Hansen supervisor John Theon comes out as climate change skeptic; ACC on 2012 Mayan calendar mass enlightenment; Scientific American on glyphosate “inert ingredients” killing umbilical cord cells, JCD on getting around The World According to Monsanto renaming, Monsanto shills permeating Obama administration
0:30:11CNBC piece on big pharma patents running out, “pay to delay” generic implementations, HPV & MMR vaccine bailout scam
0:33:06ABC infomercial for Obama health care plan, scripted town hall with Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer, cheapskate Disney “cast members” labor law dodge; B-roll of town hall participants, 100-year-old pacemaker “joy of living” question, Obama: “first of all I want to meet your mom”, JCD “that’s a great question” pet peeve; Michelle Obama “if the teleprompter wa just a little higher” flub; Rose Garden smoking question dodge, ACC: “the guy is smoking!
0:46:09Underreported Mexican drug decriminalization; Oklahoma billboard by Law Enforcement Against Prohibition vs narcotics bureau’s Mark Woodward’s “any real police officer could not support legalizing drugs”; producer note on Ambien CR trials, “stay away … it is bad shit”
0:49:39And Now Back to Real News: Craig Newmark keeping the hookers on Craigslist, London hooker tie-in with Twitter, Rhode Island loophole legalizes prostitution indoors
0:51:37New scheme to put Federal Reserve in charge of bank regulation
0:53:30ABC on Tony Hawk “making history” skateboarding in White House on dare from Ashton Kutcher; New York Times headline: affair by Senator; donation solicitation, JCD story: ganged up on by Micky and Molly Wood at Rosie O’ Grady’s
0:59:38Obama stand-up: “the lawyers tell me Hillary’s ready to settle”, “finally when I couldn’t get back to sleep I rolled over and asked Brian Williams what he thought”, ACC: “fire the writers”