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1079 Expando-Vision (2018-10-21)

Show 1079 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Are they gonna prop ‘im up like Obama?” (0:44:59)
0:00:36Stale Dijon mustard in US, Grey Poupon douchebaggery for ACC’s Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow
0:03:4418 Saudis arrested over Jamal Khashoggi death, dubious “brawl” story, ACC: distraction of the week; Iranian sanctions to go into effect November 3; post-9/11 CFR speech introduced by WaPo editor reading excerpts blaming Israel for 9/11; Trump’s OPEC tough talk
0:14:20Rep. Joaquin Castro unnerves CNN with theory of Jared Kushner “hit list” for MBS; no mention of likely instigator Russia; Amnesty International demanding autopsy; NPR on Turkey’s dismal human rights record rivaling Saudi Arabia’s; CBS on “self-imposed exile” in US
0:27:19EU oil deals with Iran; producer note on Adnan Khashoggi, yacht bought by Trump, uncle to Dodi Fayed; JCD Rubicon “people in the background conniving”; CBS on Trump’s reluctance to cancel $110bn “over a million jobs” arms deal, Joe Biden campaigning in Nevada
0:42:52ACC at Contemporary Austin museum benefit with Beto O’Rourke campaign manager, whispers about 2020 run, culturally appropriated tipis, “the blacks and the Hispanics” comment
0:52:19Las Vegas massacre “final final final” report released, One America News on assertion “no evidence exists” of conspiracy, “like shooting fish in a barrel” concertgoer, electronic record showing deadbolt thrown from adjoining room; MBS distraction vs ISIS arms deal theories
0:59:52Compilation video of two years worth of M5M “the beginning of the end” Trump memes
1:05:36Producer Segment: 80 archives of Art Generator; Show 1080 to mark 11th anniversary
1:19:02Professional signs in The Evening Standard for anti-Brexit march; Daily Mail predicting Theresa May out within three days; Michael Caine shocks BBC with Brexiteer admission; EU considering allowing “member states” to determine whether to use Daylight Saving Time
1:30:36NewsHour on treating Congo ebola patients using “the cube” isolation device, WHO “paradigm shift” of new experimental drug, new “quote effective” vaccine (BCotD)
1:37:25NPR “sure!” millennial uptalker on pharmaceutical price disclosures, lobbyist douchebag: ads “raise awareness about a disease and lead a patient to have a conversation with their physician”
1:49:52Democracy Now on Steve Bannon assisting stabbed Brazilian candidate Jair Bolsonaro
1:52:35ACC OTG: Kyocera KY-01L, Lindsey Graham’s 2015 flip phone “coming back one day”
1:57:28JCD’s 1983 InfoWorld article on COMDEX Expando-Vision software for subliminal “sexual confidence” messages, Robin Williams’ guru Sat Tara Khalsa, Sikh antenna hair
2:01:35Donation Segment
2:09:52Amy Goodman on 4,000 Honduran refugees en route to US; CBS on refugees boating and swimming across Guatemala-Mexico border; PBS on 500 Mexican federal agents deployed and Trump considering sending military; Beto’s pro-weed, anti-wall, and pro-DACA platform
2:17:53California net neutrality law vs Verizon ad for “dedicated lane on our network” for firefighters
2:20:50Democracy Now hit piece on Trump family’s real estate “deceptive practices”, Trump branding removed from New York building due to “reduced property values”
2:22:36Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test provided by FamilyTreeDNA founded by her ex-husband; Rapid DNA used in Utah criminal case, technology “free” for law enforcement, “criminals beware” fearmongering, “there was DNA that was taken off of a Diet Mountain Dew can” (CotD); Warren promoting lame that “shows you how to knock on doors”
2:31:48Empty properties in New York and Austin; Mega Milliions $1bn jackpot
2:36:58Trump-hating San Juan mayor’s office raided by FBI; Amy Goodman whines about Trump’s praise for Montana Rep. Greg Gianforte, The Guardian Khashoggi parallel