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1078 Demonation (2018-10-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “Big tech guys, all kinds of tech billionaires, we’re loaded with tech billionaires!
0:00:35Mike Pompeo in Saudi Arabia to investigate “/haʃoɡi/” death, ties between assassins and Mohammad Bin Salman; NBC’s Trump “I love Saudi Arabia!” needle; killer Meshal Saad al-Bostani dead in car crash; Sandy Hook 911 tapes; Joseph Bahout on link to Saudi intelligence
0:09:42John Brennan to Chuck Todd: CIA likely “going back into systems and databases”, “duty to warn” threshold, “interesting” coincidence of Andrew Brunson’s release; “MBS” Mohammad Bin Salman or Mr. Bone Saw; Brennan’s grunt at suggestion of “rendition gone wrong”, questions about King Salman’s control over his son; millennial reporter “at the end of the day”-fest; Brennan “queering the arms deal” theory, good PR for Turkey, Rita Katz MIA
0:31:44Al Gore’s “five hundred thousand Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every day” vs 2015 “four hundred thousand Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every day”; “greenhouse gas pollution” down; Nature Plants study predicts beer shortage; BBC on Silicon Valley “future of food” meat from chicken feathers; USS Indiana power plant’s 33-year life span; Democracy Now on Trump’s plan to “disappear” EPA office, “our kids will continue to be poisoned” iso
0:42:04Amy Goodman on “horse face” Stormy Daniels tweet, “he’s previously called women dogs, pigs, crazed, crying, bleeding, fat, ugly, and low-IQ”; JCD Trump Rotation Song
0:44:38Boston Antifa triggered by #OrangeManBad NPC meme; lame Murphy Brown reboot
0:53:23NPR on proposed price disclosure in pharmaceutical ads: “it could scare you away from getting a drug!”; ACC on erectile dysfunction drug ads during baseball games
1:00:09Fremont California’s new sex education curriculum with masturbation how-to book, “at that age one of my friends knew that he wasn’t the girl people were telling him he was”
1:03:33JCD fast-forwards narcissistic blather from De Niro interview on The Alec Baldwin Show
1:09:05ACC’s Hitline USA Quincy Jones interview and Jones’ alcoholism in Quincy documentary
1:10:38Producer Segment
1:23:51Global electric scooter bonfire May 19 2019
1:24:33Cherokee Nation unimpressed by Elizabeth “first woman of color” Warren’s DNA results
1:30:21Joe Biden hoping Democrats delay impeachment; Carter Page FISA declassification; Rod Rosenstein’s Air Force One tête-à-tête; Skavlan host to Ann Coulter: “you wouldn’t last five minutes in Sweden”; outrage over Australian Sen. Pauline Hanson’s “okay to be white”
1:43:26Canada “legalizes” marijuana, Washington banning edibles, 22 Minutes on bewildering rules
1:49:54Austin on Amazon HQ2 list, high cost of living; warning from “Amazonian in Seattle” against starting dog walking enterprise; renovated Ft. Worth Meacham airport open for business
1:55:22Long early voting lines in Georgia; anti-Trump NBC THINK editorial by Ruth Ben-Ghiat
2:04:13Donation Segment: JCD’s upcoming Grimerica interview
2:13:04ACC on McDonald’s self-serve kiosks creating jobs, blind E71 texting; 60 Somalis droned
2:19:29Facebook engineer Brian Amerige on misguided content policy, SJW minority “belligerent beyond belief”, JCD on Evergreen College’s failure to expel troublemakers; Proud Boys vs antifa in Manhattan, Andrew Cuomo on increase in “demonation”, hate speech “is illegal”
2:29:10Anti-Israel activist Lara Alqasem seeking entry at Hebrew University on “valid student visa”
2:31:43Treasury Department leaker Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, unlikely recipient Buzzfeed
2:35:15Hillary Clinton’s top secret clearance yanked after a year and a half of stalling
2:37:38ACC’s roster of prominent media figures on boards of George Soros operations
2:42:00Ominous BBC World News ad for “Europe’s Identity Crisis” series