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1076 M-Word (2018-10-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Well y’know it’s a part of Chinaaa!” (2:02:15)
0:00:34JCD’s Twitter insanity, Grimerica interview “even though you’re the one that told me not to”
0:02:45CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asserts Clarence Thomas “was also accused of sexual assault”; Vice News editor Shawna Thomas: protestors paid “by organizations like UltraViolet to … make the viral moments that we ended up seeing”; Melania Trump calls for “hard evidence”; DNC chair Tom Perez flub: “there are no moderate Democrats basically left, no moderate Republicans”
0:08:19Brooke Baldwin triggered by “mob” describing protestors, “lemme move past the M-word”
0:10:41Tucker Carlson takes Hillary Clinton’s “you cannot be civil” to Christiane Amanpour out of context; white women to blame, WikiLeaks “a wholly-owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence”, Trump family “broke at least the spirit … of tax laws”, “why is it that so many on the right … look to Putin?”, perplexity at desire for “security, stability, and … a strong leader”
0:26:15Hillary all-in on Chinese social credit score, Reagan-style speaking tour, “bullying and the intimidation” against Democrats; JCD on “kill Bill” scenario and “walking dead” Arnold Toynbee; rape accusations against Bill different from Trump and Kavanaugh because of “the intense, long-lasting, partisan investigation”; Edison Research to tabulate popular vote
0:40:20Producer feedback on Adderall and high-speed podcast listening typically at 1.75x speed
0:42:46Democracy Now needles Trump over Nikki Haley resignation; RT’s Lionel: “good morning, school, today we have fish sticks and tater tots” (BCotD); possible replacement Dina Powell
0:49:37Andrea Mitchell on disappearance of WaPo journalist Jamal “Khashoji” Khashoggi and video of “fifteen-man Saudi hit team” in Istanbul, ACC Magnitzky Act against Saudi Arabia theory
0:55:58Producer Segment: JCD “if there’s scooters there’s poopers”; armodafinil’s “nootropic” powers
1:16:44Scott Adams on proposal that Democrats be denied gun ownership: “it’s what they want”
1:19:17Climategate: IPCC 1.5° target report released just in time for Hurricane Michael, breathless Jeff Glor on the scene; BBC hysteria over “the existential threat to us all”, “unprecedented” global lifestyle changes, “carbon removal technologies”, Paris Agreement “not good enough”, ACC on Agenda 2030; “every bit of warming matters” mantra, Valérie Masson-Delmotte gushes over artwork commissioned for front cover; cost projection: €2.1T per year for 20 years; nuclear power “dirty and dangerous”, “hundreds of millions of lives” meme
1:47:16Saudi Foreign Minister defends OPEC to Amanpour; Dan Peña on Saudi Aramco’s reserve report revealing “hundreds of trillions of barrels”; Democracy Now on Trump’s E15 rollback
1:57:22ACC OTG: Chris on Family Guy ditches phone for pager
1:58:31Donation Segment: Amazon’s possible move to Fort Worth; Trio Jobs Jobs Jobs
2:16:04ACC screwed by Geico, “fuck you!” to Capital One for music appropriation
2:21:35Six-Week Cycle: “200 pound bomb” plot for National Mall on Election Day, admission “after waiving his Miranda rights”, Christopher Wray’s 1,000 homegrown plots vs Comey’s 50
2:25:48Facebook’s new Alexa-type device with “privacy from the ground up”
2:28:27Emotional support squirrel “Daisy” evicted from Frontier flight along with owner and all other passengers, “I will own a big portion of this airline, I’m goin’ for blood”
2:32:08Douchebag musician John Mayer’s onstage “male contract” toxic masculinity sermon
2:35:53CNBC still comparing Trump to Nixon; Morning Joe compares “two minutes hate” for Feinstein to 1984 (CotD); Don Lemon amused by “token negro” Kanye West
2:43:56Astronaut Scott Kelly excoriated for quoting Winston Churchill, “Jimmy Savile defense”
2:47:15Polio-like AFM Acute Flaccid Myelitis; French “love baguettes” for HIV prevention