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1075 CIA Paid Me (2018-10-07)

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0:00:00JCD: (echoing)If you’re a meth-head let us know!” (1:44:05)
0:00:36JCD unearths his old Costco Blue Card
0:02:32Lisa Murkowski’s unexpected Kavanaugh “present” vote; Schumer channels Obama with “vote!”; Senate gallery protestor: “where’s my representation??”, assault on representative government, JCD acquaintance moans about white privilege, Harrison Bergeron; Maria Bartiromo to Chuck Grassley on Soros-funded protestors; “booo! and ”we believe you!“ isos
0:18:35ACLU ad tying Kavanaugh to Clinton & Cosby; Sarah Silverman “fuck you” for Trump stand-up, JCD on anarchist rappers howling “oh my God, people are stealing our music!”; Susan Collins on Women’s March opposing Trump’s “nomination of XX”; “I trust SmartNews!” ad
0:30:09Chuck Todd on Michael Avenatti’s cheapening influence; ACC on men being trained to be sheepish; Facebook employees outraged over executive Joel Kaplan’s “mistake” in appearing at hearing; Obama the “internet president”; “Snapcrap” app for reporting San Francisco poop
0:39:04Elizabeth Warren’s angry man-hating “chip in right now” mailing; Nancy Pelosi explains “wrap-up smear” tactic capitalizing on negative press as practiced by CIA
0:51:20Austin City Limits coming up, Across the Universe with Paul McCartney; millennial internship report on daytime drinker Jimmy Fallon; Instagram and WhatsApp founders leaving Facebook
0:59:49Instagram “uniquely tuned to an Adderall user”; Netflix documentary Take Your Pills on abuse of ADHD medication, JCD story: amphetamine bust at International Harvester; FDA memo on international treaties still requiring Schedule I for 0.1% THC in CBD products
1:11:31Producer Segment: Banksy’s self-shredding “Girl with Red Balloon” at Sotheby’s
1:25:29Jung: “everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves”
1:26:20EU to require on-demand content be 30% European, JCD suggests Warhol’s Empire; Glenn Greenwald to Amy Goodman on Duterte-like “Trump of Brazil” Jair Bolsonaro; Nobel #MeToo Prize; South Korean boy band BTS; ACC links Adderall and 2x speed podcast listening
1:44:19Dianne Feinstein’s backwards “the CIA paid me” like Obama’s 2009 “thank you Satan”; Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team dingbat’s Instagram news, Caitlin Upton revisited; Orrin Hatch “grow up!” triggers screeching Kavanaugh protestors; men have “no idea!
1:53:38Seven Russians indicted for hacking conspiracy including OPCW; ominous BBC report on Russians caught surveilling Wi-Fi at Dutch OPCW office, incriminating GRU taxi receipt; ACC: “problem with bovenleiding” code for train suicide, Dutch rail issues blamed on Russians
2:01:39Mike Pence gets tough on Chinese government, November South China Sea exercises; Super Micro motherboard spy chips, JCD on George Morrow’s 1980s portable Pivot computer
2:09:22Donation Segment
2:22:29Erdog╠ćan in Berlin seeking to improve relations, prediction for discount Turkish glassware and hookahs; Sir Bob Geldof claims British music exports will save NHS, JCD on globalization destroying sovereign business like Saab; Democracy Now on US-Saudi war crimes in Yemen
2:34:07ACC OTG: Jessica Powell’s satirical The Big Disruption, Facebook SSO breach, Alcatel battery life, file-trashing Windows update 1809; SUVs for dogs, Mimi’s Town and Country ignition clamp, “it asks for her PIN number!”, TtK’s daughter’s inaccessible Prius auxiliary battery
2:45:42Ben Affleck back in rehab for alcoholism, no “if you think you need help” for viewers
2:48:36Hit piece against LaCroix for contaminants including linalool cockroach insecticide
2:51:00Fast-talking Stitch Fix dingbat: “the data’s a really really big part of what we do”, “really really great recommendations” from stylist with “really great data”, Pandora analogies (CotD)