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1074 Boo You (2018-10-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s a disgrace!” (2:33:52)
0:00:33Presidential Alert MIA; wake surfing with New York banker, Tesla sedan “death knell”, charm of bench seats and “necker’s knobs”; police pet guidelines; Netherlands on terrorism alert
0:08:02Star Wars voice actress Rachel Butera’s controversial imitation of Christine Blasey Ford: “I don’t know why I speak with vocal fry-y?”; New York Times vocal fry-fest video with jazz drum accompaniment on Trump family’s real estate tax shenanigans, JCD: “that’s a woman??”, ACC: “and we thank our executive producer Mingus!”; Democracy Now on “tax dodges and outright fraud”, “inflation-adjusted dollars” embellishments, ACC on loophole-ridden internal revenue code for the wealthy, Trump’s “small loan of a million dollars” (not in today’s dollars); Amy Goodman “praised Judge Kavanaugh and mocked his accusers” whipsaw
0:21:31Scott Adam’s addictive content recipe; Trump’s new “I had one beer!” stand-up material
0:24:16Ted Koppel at National Press Club: “CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump”, Brian Stelter flamboyantly outraged, intro by Marvin Kalb “stunned” by “enemy of the American people” lie; Trump in February 2017 bitching about misquote: “they dropped off the word fake!”, Dutch proverb wie de schoen past, trekke hem aan; Koppel on Trump’s innovative social media strategy, “gatekeepers” vs “spear carriers … where quite clearly the agenda is anti-Trump from start to finish”, ACC: “I think Ted is due for a #MeToo moment”
0:39:10JCD at “cocktails with conservatives” event, gas tax repeal proposal to destroy highways; new California law requiring women on public corporation boards; NPR dingbat on California net neutrality law: ISPs “should not be able to slow down an app that you are visiting”; torrents back on the rise; Microsoft takes over domains of hackers “tied to the Russian military”
0:58:32Russian trolls vs Star Wars: the Last Jedi; New Zealand’s GCSB fighting latest port scan
1:03:14Producer Segment: Dude Named Ben call to produce upcoming JCD interview
1:22:32Jimmy Kimmel “thumbtack on Liberace’s piano bench” Lindsey Graham gay joke; Atlantic Festival “this is what you get when you go through a trailer park with a hundred-dollar bill” James Carville paraphrase, “well boo yourself!” to audience, ACC: “just come out as gay”
1:29:58Democracy Now on Kavanaugh’s 1983 “prolific pukers” letter signed “FFFFF, Bart”; Vince Foster memo to Ken Starr; Access Hollywood gushes over selfies with “rock star” Jeff Flake at Global Citizen Festival; 2013 video of Flake’s son with “gun to his head” and tweeted slurs
1:41:06Deteriorating San Francisco Transbay Transit Center built with US steel; Army Futures Command investing $16bn in Austin startups; producer note on working as YouTube AI slave
1:47:40ACC’s voodoo doctor recommends Ginkgo Bacopa in lieu of vitamin B12
1:49:45Michael Caputo theorizes “diabolical” New York Times op-ed writer “believes that she is a hero to the American people”, JCD: “Gina Haspel”; Trump’s 2017 CIA speech revisited
2:00:21John Cleese ostentatiously ditching UK over sorry state of press, parrots UN laughter meme
2:05:17Donation Segment: M. Andres Jones’ The Story of Number
2:17:32Brain-eating amoeba Naegleria fowleri in Waco Texas; Houston “robot sex doll” brothel furor
2:22:08Obligatory Democracy Now global warming plug in Sulawesi tsunami story, JCD mudflats
2:23:56Speculation about USMCA NAFTA replacement, JCD: “have Briney read it”
2:26:22University of Manchester replacing applause with “jazz hands”, no thought of blind students
2:31:04No outrage from Amy Goodman over Jocelyn Bell Burnell’s stolen Nobel Prize pulsar research
2:35:05FDA weasel to CNBC on fighting vape “epidemic”, JCD on candy cigarettes
2:44:36Trump to Cecilia Vega: “that’s okay, I know you’re not thinking, you never do”