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1072 Adultism Is Real (2018-09-27)

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0:00:00ACC: “The FBI doesn’t need any help lookin’ like goofballs.” (1:31:18)
0:00:31ACC doped up on DayQuil for cold or allergies; police and fire trucks massing near JCD’s
0:02:12Kavanaugh-Ford “shit show”, female prosecutor asking questions for Republicans; Article III Section 1 “good Behaviour” vs lifetime appointment; Michael Avenatti: “I don’t believe it, and I think it shows that he’s lying”, “that is our burden, and we’re gonna embrace it, and we’re gonna meet it”; Ronan Farrow: Deborah Ramirez came forward “because Senate Democrats began looking at this claim”; ACC’s childhood bullying recollections; Jennifer Granholm to Jake Tapper: witnesses’ inability to recall details “corroborates Ford’s story”
0:16:56Kirsten Gillibrand: Kavanaugh accused “credibly” of having “exposed himself, to her face, in college, while laughing, as part of a game”; timing of Bill Cosby conviction; Trump: “I could pick a woman”, virtue signaling Jim Acosta insists on question from female reporter after his
0:26:08Uptalking teen narcissists to On the Media on Ford support letter: “she had humanity and she was a person and we just felt that empathy for her and we wanted to pass that on?”, “we’re not painting men as predators, this is who they are?”, “like, adultism is very real” (CotD)
0:38:09Trump Rotation “laughingstock” for United Nations address, rejection of Global Compact for Migration, failure of Venezuelan socialism, rejection of International Criminal Court, “those days are over” for Chinese IP theft and product dumping; ACC: “he has only two speeds”
0:53:43Trump asserts evidence of Chinese election meddling, odd “I won’t mention the name of the show”, respect for “Donald Trump’s very very large brain”; NewsHour “US above all philosophy” Hitler reference, Macron’s defense of “multilateralism”, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on family separation bandwagon, no foreign aid for hostile nations, “Western liberal order” vs “what it calls sovereignty”; EU meddling in Poland’s judicial reform
1:09:51Producer Segment: back catalog archival effort; JCD’s disappearing PC Magazine 5G criticism
1:26:10Ask Adam: Swamp Thing “rock and roll is the only thing that counts, dig?”; new Dick Wolf FBI “genomic phenotyping”, Godwin’s Law reformulation, old phone batteries as detonators
1:32:52ACC OTG: Kyocera ditched for Nokia E71 for better battery life, JCD: “sad day”
1:35:15NPR on North Carolina pig poop flooding with no mention of smell
1:38:53Ebola in Congo, experimental US drug, 33 deaths in previous outbreak, Chinese cobalt mining
1:43:56Linux Foundation adopting SJW code of conduct, potential license revocation “kill switch”
1:47:29NewsHour series on the horrors of plastic lasting for “the next hundreds of thousand of years”
1:50:31Class-action lawsuit against Facebook by content moderators with PTSD
1:54:56Producer note on “Brexit backstop” and porous border between Ireland and Northern Ireland; MP Stephen Pound on potential for uniformed troops on border to jeopardize peace process
1:59:18Donation Segment
2:08:12$2.2bn San Francisco Transbay Terminal and nearby Millennium Tower falling to pieces
2:14:29Neil deGrasse Tyson Mars Rover “nitrous oxide” botch, JCD: “it’s called air!”; Hillary Clinton “yesss!” to Stephen Colbert on “democracy in crisis” meme, Nixon impeachment parallels
2:21:43Michael Moore accidentally reveals Bill Maher’s donation to Democratic Socialists of America
2:22:53CNBC slave all-in on on John Hancock fitness tracking for lower life insurance premiums
2:26:36MP Ruth Smeeth on British anti-Semitism: “I am not nor have I ever been a lizard”; Dekonstruktiv Kritik on Lutheran Church as foundation of Swedish authoritarian/egalitarian state
2:38:11RT on Israeli NSO Group’s Pegasus phone spyware running rampant in 45 countries
2:40:19JCD fast-forwards CBSN dingbat gushing over Beto O’Rourke’s 2% poll lead