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1071 Commie Comey (2018-09-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “It’s as phony as it comes!” (2:48:46)
0:00:31ACC learns about “Pluto in Scorpio” millennials from CVC crowd; Dutch “Moroccan problem” and after-show shawarma mission; Dutch money in Syria and Kiev, agreement for US military Curaçao access, Five Eyes incorporation; oddball musical instrument “badgermin”; “active military” early boarding, JCD: “you have to be hauling some artillery onto the plane!”
0:14:40ACC OTG: Kyocera battery running down in Europe, JCD: non-removable phone batteries “an abomination”, Cat B35 ruined by Google, broke iHeartMedia buys Stuff Media for $55M
0:17:47JCD unceremoniously put on “hiatus” by Trump-hating PC Magazine SJW after 32 years, resistance to mention of No Agenda on podcast lists, producer note on Mac-centrism and IGN’s Trump hate, Forbes “hey ummm, can you give us a call”, Mevio salary cut by ACC
0:27:20Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 11/9 a flop, introduction by fawning Bill Maher, “spooky” 11/9, cheers for “not a spectator sport” call to vote, “it is about the Trumpian time in which we live”, 180° from predicted win, hate for “white people” Republicans who “think reverse racism is a bigger problem than racism”, cheers for Maher’s “no kids” riches for the Democrats, slanderous implication that Trump was allowed to “get away with” pedophilia
0:43:49M5M “eleven white men” compilation; even MSNBC concedes Christine Blasey Ford testimony is a “delay tactic”; Mazie Hirono “against women’s reproductive choice” talking point; JCD: “women talk to women”; CNN panel of Republican women all-in on Kavanaugh, “who bought the alcohol for these kids?!”; Sanjay Gupta on effect of alcohol on long-term memory
1:05:01Producer Segment: Oakland meetup, homeless tent stencils, Jen Briney’s comedy career
1:37:15ACC’s “boing!” sound effect; media ignoring effect of Hurricane Florence on North Carolina’s vast reserves of pig poop; no mention of Theresa May’s Brexit deal failure, WTO plan B
1:43:11Senate Farm Bill decriminalizing industrial hemp production and CBD extraction, JCD on the William Randolph Hearst conspiracy; melodramatic sighs from CNBC reporter on teen vaping statistics, “I’m turning into a big government regulation person” raving
1:52:07Beto O’Rourke using Obama cadences at black church speech on shooting of Botham Jean, Whataburger air-drumming; JCD: “he might be a lizard” facing off against “master debater” Ted Cruz, “of course I support the Second Amendment” vs “did you endorse Hillary Clinton” bickering, Obama-like stammering when rattled, Cruz invokes respect for veterans in anthem kneeling, O’Rourke responds with deconstruction; CBS on O’Rourke speaking to economics of immigration; Nigel Farage talks hysterical “children in cages” Irish woman off the ledge
2:09:22Black woman at Pasadena city council meeting on being harassed by illegal immigrants
2:11:57Donation Segment: JMD finds mile-high club donation “really douchey”
2:26:17Industry-friendly California law AB-2989 allowing electric scooters on highway at speed up to 35 miles per hour without a helmet, “braked wheel skid on dry, level, clean pavement”; producer note on tech workers declaring themselves “long-term tourists” in Austin
2:33:54Washington teacher: science curriculum “only about carbon”, problem 80% universities; new NASA ICESat-2 satellite to measure glacier height with green laser, JCD: “I’m blind!
2:37:47Effeminate Canadian tornado survivor wails about almost losing his daughter
2:39:17Lou Dobbs and former FBI James Kallstrom discuss James Comey and John Brennan being former members of the Communist Party;
2:45:05NBC on STIR/SHAKEN anti-robocall technology unimplemented until late 2019
2:47:26Code Pink’s microphone-wearing Medea Benjamin dragged out of Hudson Institute event